Recipe blog – The Courgette Bake Recipe

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Recipe blog

The Courgette Bake Recipe

I did not plan to do a blog which was about recipes, not at all, and I have many aspects of my life and writing bubbling away ready to share as soon as I get them down. But, I am being asked for the recipe for my favourite dish so I must oblige.

It is hardly Viking or life at the festivals or such, but we all gotta eat…

And look at this!!!!


The first thing I’ve got to tell you is that I never cook the same thing the same way twice. There won’t be any measurements in here either. There will be love, and yumminess.

Ingredients; well you are going to need courgettes! (baby marrows for those of you who have heard of marrows, or don’t they call them zucchini in some places?), and cheese and eggs. The rest is mainly to do with what I have in, bear with me, it will work.

Saute onions and garlic, I like a mix of butter and olive oil. Steadily brown them. What else have you got? I’ve added mushrooms, herbs, and last time I thinly sliced parsnip and potato because they needed eating up. It worked great, as long as it is all well browned.

Then tip them into your oven dish leaving the oil to fry the chopped courgettes. I think last time I did the courgettes a little too slow because they are going to go in the oven too. They do need to be browned though. Then pop them on the onion mix.

Pour over something tomatoey, a pasta sauce you like, or chopped tinned toms, maybe add a little chilli and some herbs.

We are going to make the thing work. Crack three or four eggs into a bowl, add a small tub of cream (milk will do), salt and pepper, and loads of grated cheese (enough to make the mix fairly thick). Then fold that over the other stuff carefully.

Pop that in a moderate hot oven for twenty minutes or until it is golden brown.

Now what are you doing! Get it eaten.

Right, can I go back to being a Viking now! 🙂

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51 thoughts on “Recipe blog – The Courgette Bake Recipe

  1. Ha ha! My dad didn’t believe in measurements either. Just throw it in, sounds delicious and a bit naughty calorie wise…but would last a couple of suppers for me. I did think to myself Adrian Spendlow should write a cookbook called: Get It Eaten!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. adrianspendlow

        I am seriously thinking of two changes, a move around or ‘declutter’ and an end to eating on the lap, with the table better positioned and a table cloth (the table is for eating at not for placing things I might need on ready to go)


  2. Not only surprisingly creative ingredients created together into a whole. But also an entirely new way explained how to create food. Without being anxious to make it. (Unlike many other matbloggere). Without snobbery. Culinary connoisseurs for everyone That can smile all the way through both reading it, making it, and enjoy the meal. Mmmmmore, please.

    Liked by 1 person

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