Gudvangen Opening 2015

Gudvangen Opening 2015

Here is my opening speech for the Gudvangen Market in Viking Valley in Norway. I thought I would share it with you and a few links, pics and footage too.

This is our encampment, our village, our market, our time
We are Vikings now
We live that way
as Vikings have always gathered, we gather here
And we learn
The people here know so much
We are living as Vikings
For the love of our past
And our heritage
Our shared heritage
Of the way you were
Of what you are from
There is something like this inside you
We can all learn from each other
For we are all experts
There are so many here with such amazing skills
It may well be the magic of the modern world
which brings us together
The skills of the dreamer, the planner,
of the group; those who bring trade goods
But know you this now
The Viking is in our hearts
And can be in yours
As you step through these gates
As you know you must
The small price you pay
Here in the moment
Will open greater doors for you
Within the heart
Whether you stay for a short while
And acquire a treasure
Or wander for the day
Or the week
There will always be a part of you here
And a will to return
We have pride
We are a community
We are together
And we
Are the past
Step forward and enter
We are Viking
We have always embraced you
We listened to your stories
We visited you
We took
And we gave
And all of us are united
In our hearts
In your forgotten memories
Step within
And become
For this is Viking valley


opening 2015

It was such an honour to step towards that platform with Rune and our chieftain Georg Hansen to be in front of the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation cameras ( and present our opening speeches. As I walked I couldn’t help thinking, ‘How on earth did I get to be here?’

Of course you can get there, and you really should, it is an amazing experience. You may well hear this speech as you do for I designed it as a piece that would work for any Viking to learn and use at the gates as people arrive.

georg face

There is a guide to getting there too. I created it with particularly British visitors in mind, but I am sure it will make things easier for anyone wanting to get there for the first time.

And here is the footage of the repeat performance at the feast

The Speech

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