Be Our Statesmen

Yes, a statesmen, not a politician.

I am moved and excited by what individuals are doing to help other people and, of course, to affect the people in power, (there are some u turns happening because of human opinion), I think social networking may be the new way of understanding. Dealing with the details of all these people is absolutely wonderful. Rescuing and caring.

We need to deal with the bigger situation now. We need to rise above and beyond all the wonderful wonderful work people are doing to help each other. See it globally. –

We need a Statesman (not gender specific though) not a party politician who is trying to maintain control. There are too many angry people out there. The world is a frightening place. We are frightened.

We need someone to speak for us all. To bring us together and turn us away from the echo of so many years ago when the world went mad and hate ruled.

Strangely I recall Conservative (right wing) people being in such a way. When Heath went beyond actual human bound barriers to seek peace. When Churchill put politics aside and all the parties worked together.

We need a world voice to speak out. From a position of power. Bring us together. Please. Please. Speak for that which is bigger than where we are from.

Speak for all of us now.
All of us.

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6 thoughts on “Be Our Statesmen

  1. adrianspendlow

    (Hey who was that Russian guy who stood on a tank and said stop this? Can someone have that sort of power in their hearts to deal with all this worldwide hatred of others?)

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