A Glimpse (poetry)


After just over a month of blogging I was delighted to see well over a thousand copies have been viewed via email alone. Topics to date have included Vikings, fairy, recipes, poetry, medieval, storytelling, haiku and Norwegian farming. Here we have poem and art which comes with a warning; you may be effected emotionally and reach out to another.


A Glimpse

The little boy inside
Dragged himself slowly

Sure, that he would not
Be able to find his way back
To the thing he had had
The thing which was called

Perhaps if he dug deep
Below the hard rooted turf
He just might be able to find
That which he had buried
Then eventually managed to forget

If he could find the place
And had the strength in his fingers
What was it which lay hidden?
What was it? – So long ago – What was it?
His heart






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