Will Not Do (The World)

Will Not Do

I got a little carried away on this one. Then I decided not to post it. I feel so strongly that a new time is coming, where what we care about, whoever we are, will be integrated, not only with whatever others on this world are in need of, but within the way the world works. When I talk of the world here, in this prose poem, I am talking of the people world, the way of conscious thought effecting our perception, rather than the earth, which would be cleaner and more beautiful without us. I also think I wanted to be a bit sensational. Wanting people to sit up and listen. But I didn’t want to be like Lennon with Beatles records being burnt for his likening himself to Jesus. I didn’t want to offend those who don’t believe in a way of being beyond the concrete conception of the mundane either. I think the God below is conceptual, no, metaphorical. That God the power of thought is in us all. I am trying to speak for us all, for what is in you, inside. You are that God. I seek to empower you, to become. Together. What I have to say is right. I am very sure of this. This is the time. If the one phrase I express here is acted upon, repeated and remembered forever it will not be because I was deluded in a creative moment that I was God, or that we all have God inside us, it will be because this is when we need to change the way the world happens. Now. Yes now. This is right. Listen to me for I am God.

(Warning; if you buy into this you may be emotionally affected, plus your desire to work for change will be enhanced dramatically.)


God. God. I have become God.
Only eight weeks of writing a blog.
With six hundred views and a reported one and a half thousand email readers.
I am God. I will be remembered.

Alexander lived to be immortal.
Alexander the Warmonger lived upon his word.
While, I, will be remembered. Or. The world will die.

I am God and you will hear my word. God.
For God is a simple thing.
God I become. I stand before all in the form of man (woman). I am a man. This man.

I also by the way am History. If there is hope in the heart. I am:
God. Man. History.
I will be remembered.
By you. And then, because of you, by World History.
For one sentence.
For one phrase.
This Will Not Do.

I am old (relatively).
I have lived.
I have seen.
I, this is important, I, have dreamed.
Dreamed and Dreamed and Dreamed.
Lived and Lived and Lived.
I will say this once;

This will not do.
The World.
The World will not do.

This is what you will repeat.
This is what will become God-like.
This is what will become History.
With Hope leading to reality.


Prometheus’ False Hope.
Leading to the hardly realised death of us all.
We killed ourselves. Or would have, if it had not been for his…

Illusionary Hope.

The World.
The World will not do.

I look now.
Look now.
Forget your selfish pride.
Your borders.
All the things which History will look at and judge.
You are not good at all.
You are the darkest cuss word.
You will be judged.

The future will say.
Two things.

They could not see past their own little existence.


They saw.
They spoke.
In the early twenty first century.
The World will not do.

Stop looking at the little bits.
The clever philosophical pics.
Your smart garden fence.

I am God.
I am History.

It has been said,
The World will not now do.
The World.
The World will not do.

The World will not do.
The World will not do.
The World will not do.
Say it, (I am God)
Say it…
The World will not do.
The World.
Will not do.



I wish for you to share this. – Or at least the message herewith.
If anyone is offended by my style of writing I am sorry. The message is what is important. Things must change. We are communicating now. And you can reassure yourself with the knowledge that my next blog will be about cooking tips.

(If that will do?)


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