Northern Lights Frenzy

A great article which makes me want to go in search of the northern lights!? 🙂 (ps I haven’t reblogged before so I hope this goes somewhere)


The first written record of a person suffering from a state resembling Northern Light Frenzy is found in Norse mythology:

Furious [and] wild, the Valkyries flew over the sky, their helmets and spears flashing lights beneath the skull of Yme.*
The light flashed down on the head of Knut so his mind became splintered and he knew not the cows on the slope and therefore decided to [**] them. 

*According to the myth, the gods created the world out of the dead giant Yme, with the skull shaping the heavenly firmament.

**The translation here is uncertain. The verb may imply 1)impersonate 2)gamble 3)waste 4)mirror 5)spray, flush 6)serenade with an instrument. The context suggests, in any matter, that nontraditional measures were taken in the situation. 

In a recent comparative study of resourced medical journals, it has been discovered that Aurora Borealis might have drastic effects on the human brain after close…

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