Welcome and walk the way of the Vikings

Welcome and walk the way of the Vikings – Seljord Folkehøgskule

AdrianVF-wave cropped

I am about to stand on a platform at York Station and welcome Jeppe, Linnea and their host of Vikings to the land of Jorvik. I look forward to meeting them and to spending time with their crew who have learnt so much.


(Jeppe is second right as we look)

As you have read in the media the
Viking – Live out your dreams course at Seljord Folk High School, Norway
teaches all you need to know to understand how it was to live as a Viking.

course building

You become a Viking in fact, and a main part of the course is to step back in time to walk the way of the North-Men.

leah and eric

This is where I come in. Once I have stood on that platform to welcome the returning kin we will be walking the way of the Viking. The past and the pathways shall come alive.

chloe backart by Chloe Anderson

In cooperation with the Jorvik Viking centre and the spirits of the before I shall step them along the ways of old. We will stand where kings stood, where boats arrived, where heads were lost and where fish was sold.

leah crafts

This is an initial blog. You will hear more as the week goes along. And, this is an initial meeting. You will hear also of plans for the future for visiting Vikings; from re-enactments to re-encookments much is to be experienced in time to come.

viking broth

If the Telemark lake monster doesn’t get them first.


To join the course (or wish you had) click here http://www.seljord.fhs.no/english

Seljord Folkehøgskule might well be surprised when I greet them on the platform, I will not just be greeting them as a Jorvik Viking, or as the Hiberno-Norse who is in my heart but as an active member of Njardar Vikinglag for Gudvangen Viking Valley where I am the Chieftain’s skald.

ade silouhette


I am planning to say, “Som Skald av Njardar Vikinglag i Norge jeg ønsker deg velkommen til det nye landet der vikingene tilhøre” – As the Skald of Njardar Vikinglag in Norway I welcome you to the new country where Vikings belong.


Oh yes; and a few of the York University Medieval Society Vikings are coming along too.


Watch for more news of the way of the Viking.

jorvik viking

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