Viking Comic Book update – Very Exciting – (but it is still not a blog)

I thought you would like to see the progress in this exciting project so here is an updated version – The final Viking Comic Book is just around the corner…

(Expected launch date – early December)

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Adrian Spendlow The Blog

header 01(The above is very definitely a draft)

A wonderful progress report.

ask 01will grow 01The birth of the project is covered in my wordpress blog

I have added in pictures done so far, in most cases they are very not the final image or a good copy even. They give a very good idea of how we are progressing.

The end layout will be comic book style and I am researching and seeking guidance to make the space as comic booky as possible.

There has already been a suggestion that I create a banner display to exhibit at woodland festivals.

Artists and contributors will always be credited of course.

Page 1

thor less flash croppedmjolnir 01 text box(Above by Chloe)

ruins text 01Page 2

The below is a fun temporary image from me – utilising anna’s hammer (which will be part of the montage)

m flies on adrian 01mjolnir 02 textJackie of Swanhilda’s Sweets on ebay who does Viking Trade Route jewellery is doing the above.


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We Work Together Now

We Work Together Now

The questions of the moment, or the night
My broken heart, doubts, fear; the never sleep
Are nothing to the streets of bereaved
The grieving souls, the little village
Grey post-apocalyptical ruins
Paris streets

I may be broken yet; there is no drone of power above my head
As perverted beings unleash their brain-wash death
Or news-announce their backlash breath
I, for this, at last, am thankful

Not like them, and lucky too
There is a fearful chill though
It is rumbling through
Right through the heart of all, right now
Universal news spatters death at us
And we are one
Are one

Look at your friends list
(The one you searched for Paris friends)
We are of the earth at last
And we are one
Cry tonight, and cry long
Cry long
Resolve as you feel the tears fall
To talk to all you know across the world
And say, we changed tonight, we linked and changed

There is no barrier between
And we are one
We are one
Yes we, at last, are one