I am collecting quotes, comments, inspirational phrases plus photos and art on the theme of Storytelling for this ongoing blog-theme. Do please get in touch – Here’s a real nice new addition.

Here’s the full storytelling blog with extra pics

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Adrian Spendlow The Blog

The image below is just a start on building a word and text selection on the topic of storytelling. I would like you to send me suggestions of what to add. This could be just a picture or a piece of artwork, or an inspirational line or two on the power of story or a reaction to how my storytelling effects you.

Please send me your suggestions to add in here (I will do all the adding text to image part of the job)

blog hallowHere is a replacement for the above, and the pumpkin pic will reappear with new words soon.

blog hallow 02

best teller

Plus your contributions…

(read the blog from the very beginning)

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