So, this year, so far, I am going to be…

So, this year, so far, I am going to be;

a jolly sailor, an artist’s model, a door knocker, a teddy boy, a giant, a dog handler, a mermaid, a project coordinator, an art critic, a gangster, a poet, a princess, a priest, the pig man, a Viking, Saint Patrick, Legendary, a fairy, a ghost walker, a Norwegian tour guide, an artist, a battle choreographer, a trans-gender fortune teller, a blogger, a beer designer, a publisher, a cook, a dancer, a corpse, a graphic designer, a king, the Sea King, Odin, a multi-lingual teller, a rapper, a celebrant, a serpent, assistant to the Lord Mayor, an after dinner speaker, a story circle host, a Skald…

Oh yes, and a storyteller!

mum n jill crop

I think I had better add pics in here as I go along!

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