People are asking me about getting to Gudvangen, so here you go; plus news of other Vikinglag I have mentioned it to and are wanting to come (long title)

People are asking me about getting to Gudvangen, so here you go; plus news of other Vikinglag I have mentioned it to and are wanting to come (long title)


This is pretty accurate

It was current for last year

I was going to rework it

and will do soon

but some need it now

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More News

I bumped into a few guys from Sarpsborg’s thousand year anniversary, and they were telling me they were unable to come to Gudvangen because it clashes. ‘Oh no,’ I said, ‘ we have changed our dates so we can get to both.’

They cant wait to get back home and arrange for a group to get over to us at Gudvangen.

(and they are discussing what I can do there as Georg’s Skald.)

The Jorvik Group were thrilled to be asked too. They are looking at sending a fighting team

I have just heard that Leah and Eric of our group Vanaheim are planning to come along to Gudvangen too (thats why I am blogging this). Simen too I hear!

Vanaheim are the Vikinglag for University of York Medieval Society and by the Gods are they good in a fight!

Lets hope a whole team, gets over.


I am attending the Vanaheim Allting as an honorary member to present details of how to get involved at Gudvangen and where to apply, plus what they might be able to offer in way of presentations and courses.

They are also interested in a presentation on Galda and Glima and Runes; so I will be doing so, (with the hope I can arrange a weeks course in York with Lars Magnar)

I would like to contact other Viking groups in York and area, in the whole of the UK in fact. So do please send me links etc.

Or share this blog to them.


Below is the text from the link in case it doesnt work. Remember check before travelling.

Getting To Gudvangen (accurate 2015)

A guide for visitors from Britain

This page will grow and improve with your help and is a start at looking at making it easier for new travellers. It is just from my personal view, so do check before making definite plans.

I have focussed on Britain because of enquiries from friends but much of the information will be useful for those travelling from elsewhere, and indeed will be useful for those interested in other markets too.

Markets are like festivals but with stalls and Viking camping.

If you have suggestions of changes to this page or links for me to add please email me on

Gudvangen market in Viking Valley is organised by Njardar Vikinglag (Njord’s Viking team) in association with Fjordtell.

The most usual way of getting there is from Bergen, so I will focus on that to start with.

I usually start by searching for cheap flights and see what is offered, this most often involves trains to Edinburgh, London or Manchester airport.

The likely services will be SAS or Norwegian but there are others too. Costs can vary from £30 to £200 so search early and try a few sites. Some flights are direct. (I’ve just booked a spring visit via London from York and got it all in with trains included for £150 return.)

(The last UK budget (2014) mentioned a Liberal Party initiative to have the ferries starting again, if you get any news on this let me know)

There are also cruise companies which call at Gudvangen but I think that is likely to be a short stop.

The Flybussen will be right outside the airport and runs back and forth all the time. It will take you right to the train and bus stations with plenty of room for you luggage. It will probably cost you about kr70 to kr100.

You can then either get a bus all the way or a train to Voss and catch the bus there. It is probably cheaper, quicker and less hassle with your luggage to go by bus but the coastal route of the train was breath-taking the time I went that way (if you don’t include the forty seven tunnels). The bus is around kr300 each way.

Trains, buses, and boats all seem to be covered in links via this site but in the summer I reckon it is easy enough to just head out of the airport and deal with it as you go. (the link looks like it hasnt worked, but there is an option to click through to a better page in English, scroll down)

I am told you can also get a train to Myrdal, change for the Flåm Railway and continue to Gudvangen by boat through the scenic Nøroy fjord. That sounds exciting.

A few alternatives; you may wish to look at car hire, I understand that nowadays there are such things as floor space and lift share sites for the young and brave of heart, and one thing I strongly suggest is you post here and there what your plans are, there may be offers of lifts forthcoming or a bed for the night in Bergen even.

We have made it to Gudvangen.

(It might be worth me saying at this point that I have done my best and those with more experience from within the team might have suggestions of things to add, do please email me

Now let’s look at where to stay.

Fjordtell has a wide selection of rooms from Viking style luxury through motel en suite to hostel accommodation and a dormitory building. A great place to dine or have a drink the site is also great as a guide to things to do and see.

Now let us look at tents. Those coming as Vikings who have a modern tent (or a mobile home) can stay in a discrete area near to the market without charge.

For those with Viking tents it is free to stay in the market and to sell, but your tent and goods must be approved before you can be booked in.

It may be possible to buy a Viking tent online through one of the traders attending and collect it on arrival, but you may well have transport difficulties afterwards and of course you would need to be booked in.

As the site develops over the next couple of years there will be Viking accommodation available, for now it may be possible to hire a Viking tent, enquire via

Accommodation is often offered to those with a role to play in the events which is discussed further down.

There is also Gudvangen Camp ( a kilometre or two inland where there are cabins and space for mobile homes etc.

Just a little further out is Vang Camping with similar facilities –

The market runs from Tuesday 19th July to Sunday 24th July in 2016 and is open from 11.00 to 18.00 each day (closing slightly earlier on the Sunday). People often arrive earlier and leave later than the dates shown to give themselves time to prepare. There is a charge each day for admission if you are not dressed as a Viking and only Vikings are admitted after this time.

There are shower facilities close to the market and a breakfast is provided for all Vikings each morning.

As for other food sources; camping Vikings cook on site (and are often keen to invite others to join them), there is a feast on the Saturday, other food and refreshments will become available as the site develops (I will keep you posted), Fjordtell is recommended for meals, snacks and drinks, there is a small cafe just along the road, the mini-supermarket at the garage has a wide range of hot and cold food to eat now as well as all you might need to cook, they also sell drinks. It is worth noting that Vikings should only be seen by the public with Viking-age things. You could of course bring food with you. And you definitely should bring duty free!

Being a Viking; the bit you have been looking forward to.

I am told, that as it is your first year, they will be gentle with you, so I am told. You will be fine if you have a suitable dress or tunic and that the rest of your clothes blend in.

It is worth noting the words of our cheiftain, ‘Everyone is welcome to be a Viking here except those who make others unwelcome.’

The main point on being a Viking is; this is a market, everything you might need to fit in will be for sale.

Then you can go on a kurs! There are courses available on many things to make or learn.

For now, your first step could be to go on line, there are many places to buy ‘kit’, reliable materials and patterns. You can order ready made, commission something special or get what you need to get started. (Vikings do please send me any suitable links).

Getting involved.

Being a volunteer; if you are interested in helping contact

You may be able to go beforehand to help set up or stay longer to help clear away. There is plenty to do during the market and help is always needed. Please check, discuss and confirm but basically you will be offered camping space or accomodation and a breakfast.

You may have specific skills to offer as a performer, demonstrator, or as a course tutor. Contact

There are plenty of groups to join too, to learn more, online on such as Facebook and live in your local area.

Remember it is affordable and you are welcome.

For further information –

Other markets


All the information is correct to the best of my knowledge and is my personal view of how things work, do always check directly.


Any email about market or viking group is

For after the market or to enquire about membership:

Neolithic Cave-bread and feeding the Vikings – Read All About It

Living As A Viking

You may also enjoy New Viking Heaven Discovered

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