Adrian’s Kinder Joy

Adrian’s Kinder Joy


I need your help!

Well that is obvious and also true in many many ways.

For now though.

I need to know what this is?

Not the product, I am already a fan, and there is much on this further down.

And not the actual toy (although sadly my one which I built single-handedly is not depicted).

But the sign thingy.

I am in the middle of putting in a bid to create a Viking Comics Inc. instalation throughout the known Viking nations (very exciting).

And I want to say on Chloe and my bid that we will be creating these for people to use.

kinder girl
Ooooo she’s nice…

No, now stop it Adrian, that’s silly and not why we are blogging.


kinder thing
They have a name I am sure…

Yes, the second publication from Viking Comics Inc. will be shown on a big screen (with music) at museums, markets and festivals from Rus to Canada and all the Viking landing sites inbetween.

I need you help.

What are these?

What are they called?

How do they work?

What sort of phone do you need?

And how on earth do we create them?


And now for the chatty bits and pieces.

I have a house full of Kinder toys. Ever since pre-internet days when my international poetry zine Pomes was featured in Small Press Zine and I saw that you could order a little tiny book of photos called Mark’s Book of Small Toys (so you could keep up with his Kinder collection).

I have loved them ever since.

Mainly cos they are good props for story writing sessions.




When I saw they had brought out a new type my heart skipped a beat.

Kinder Joy.


“What on earth have you bought that for?” my mum said. It was only a pound. “Only a pound, how silly of you.” It might be useful. “How on earth could it be useful?” I just had a feeling that the toy would be useful for something. “Is it?” Er no its a girl. “Let me see, let me see.” (I showed her with her different options for stick on dresses and everything.) I waited to be told how rediculous I was, the reaction I got was, “Oh, how cute.”

But please do help with our project.

(and look out over the next couple of days about our call for artists)



Of course this is all about deadlines and getting that bid in because of your help, but if anyone knows where Mark is now do please let me know. 🙂

or travel or trains – we are into silly short blogs here I think – or films – or my ghost creation kitYour holiday read – and Easter ChicksIf

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