Bios for Adrian and Chloë for your project

Bios for Adrian and Chloë for your project

As part of our presentation to the Follow The Vikings project with events and activities across much of the Viking lands here are Bio summaries as CVs of our work.

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Adrian Spendlow – Storyteller – Poet – Actor – Writer – Presenter:
DOB 24/03/1954

Much of my work, for schools, museums, festivals, markets and the community has been commissions, where I have developed interactive mixed media projects through research upon the commissioner’s chosen theme to draw inspiration from thoughts and ideas to create displays and publications.

Outcomes are vital and I have written from the experiences of many different groups within society; always to maximize the results in terms of displays, features and publications.

Projects include.
Acting: Mort, Little Mermaid, Vincent the Musical, Loonie Old Witch, Henry V, Punch, Pinocchio, Dickens in A Christmas Carol, Kingdom of Neversleep, Branwell and the Brontes, Oscar Wilde, plus other roles.
Team Leader for; Home to York, I’m Here, Read All About It, WWII, Poetry for Carers, Ales n Tales, Gathering Ghosts (Radio ); community based projects leading to exhibition of story related art with live performances, film making and digital displays.
The Kirklevington Stones Project, Greek Myths, history tours for blind ex-service people, The Viking Banner Project for York Archaeological Trust, Road to Ragnarok, The Dolly and the Riverboat, Streets Alive Concrete Poetry – interactive pavement art, Watery Tales, Slavery for Ferens Gallery, Light of an Ancient City for the Festival of Light and many more.
Legendary; story and song duo with Olivia Jayne Newton.
Collaborations with several artists and digital media artists to create text/poem/story integrated with their art.


ch pirate

Chloë Anderson – Actor – Composer – Storyteller – Community Worker – Artist

Acting experience: The York Pirate Adventure, Frightwater Valley as a Hallowe’en Mummy, Character actor for Swashbuckling Weekends as an undead fortune teller, Hag at a GNG Entertainment’s ‘All Hallows Eve’ event, Lightwater Valley and Sunderland Illuminations, Possessed girl for Hallowscream at York Maze, Pilot Theatre, Slung Low, York Theatre Royal in the nationally acclaimed Blood and Chocolate, many productions for Theatre Company We Are Theatre.

For We Are Theatre: Coaching and Mentoring, Sound production including effects, community work enabling inclusive community theatre groups. For Attractions in the region; Guiding, assisting, engaging, and supervising children in play activities,

I have performed with many attractions, the first of which was ‘Haunted Live and Xtreme’ with GNG Entertainment, based on actual historical events, Ghost stories for Haunted in York, York Maze interactive trailer ride show as the Wicked Witch over two years,

Production and Digital Presentation; presenter and researcher on York TV’s ‘On the Pulse’ live, also Production Assistant, performance and public speaking skills – developed as part of a BA hon Degree in Theatre, Film, & Television, producing and DJing music, contextualising music/music history tutoring, tutoring on studio recording, electronic music production, plus health and safety, Certificate in Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector, Access to Music Creative Music Producer, Promotions & Marketing for Luminar Leisure Ltd, performing at festivals, musical and theatrical events, weekly show on a live internet radio station, sound effect production for community plays with Adrian, interactive community music sessions and composition, ‘BBC Introducing’ performances and interviews, supported international renowned artists Netsky, Jenna G, and Rich Reason, storytelling for ‘I’m Here’ project, published writer with Tangled Roots, composing and production for The Boat Rises featuring; Rolo from France, Ragnar’s clan and Viking belief systems (VCI), researcher and co-writer for VCI, The Hammer Flies online comic book and forthcoming panoramic display, Urban Legends forthcoming production for VCI, production, artist and co-producer for Viking Comics Inc. – widely travelled performer generally.


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