Oski and the Amulet – Children’s Viking Comic Book Story

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Children’s Viking Comic Book Story

oski pic

A highly imaginative story created by Adrian with the children of Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy as part of the 2015 Jorvik Viking Festival.

Oski and the Amulet

in cave
oski light

There Oski lay in her chamber, her secret chamber. It was a dark, dusty, murky, damp, cold, bone-filled, chamber.
“Sssh its a secret,” they whispered as they hid the cave entrance.
The people of the halls were normally kind to her, she didn’t understand why they hid her away whenever there were visitors to their community.
(Oski wears a long white dress, when she heals or her amulet does magic her dress transforms into a shimmering gown. And later she will have a train that shimmers and gives off light.)

wall carve
carved three heads
cellar colour

There were painted carvings set into the walls all around like a story. She had often looked at them and thought how the girl looked like her. Yet she wasn’t adventurous and only liked to roam the local forests spending time with the animals.
Unlike the girl in the carvings who found her parentsHer parents were gone
For that was the truth she had been told
Not the truth known in the hearts of the peoples of the halls
The whole farm knew her parents had been abducted
They were a-feared of the story of Mala
So Oski was, the orphan; the orphan who carried the amulet.

mum n dad

In a faraway land, in the dark castle of the evil Mala, her parents lay forgotten.

boat burial

The peoples of the halls lied to protect her
They know it meant that she would feel alone
But they lied all the same; A terrible lie –
They told her that her parents were dead
And they carried the shame and the guilt of this with them as a community

If she found out her parents were really alive
She would want to find them
Yes, she would go
And she would surely die
Then the power of her parent’s amulet would be his
Just as they knew he had planned
So they kept the secret between them
Her parents were dead
And she was alone

thunder goddess

High above
The Goddess of Thunder herself looked down on this one and empowered her
Seeing her hiding there
Seeing her loneliness
She favoured her
This special one
She gave her just as much power as she needed
Just as much power as she could cope with as time progressed
For here was Oski – the orphaned one, the girl of nature

forest healing

Oski was happy in her own way
She was a friend to animals
And loved to roam in the forests healing and helping those who were injured or lost.
She knew she must have some power as whenever she heals an animal the glimmering essence of the creature forms alongside and follows her;
Squirrels, rabbits, piglets, a pony, Adrian the goat, they all follow her.

As she sat in her secret chamber and thought of the carvings, her amulet glowed and part of the truth came to her. She was the girl in the carvings and she must go on a journey.


The thought of this was too much for her and she fainted; she fainted and fell. – She fell into the flames.

Down down through the flames
Down down through the darkness
Down down through clouds of ice
Into the

Realms of Hel

Here before her was a land of ice castles
A land ruled by Icea

She stood tall upon the highest tower (a frosted dress, spiked hair, white eyes)
“I have been watching for you, now, you will obey”

As Oski walked in a dreamlike state towards the commanding Icea
And a throng of frost creatures came out towards her
Her own spirit animals skipped in alarm and sprang about in concern
Their fear reached out like a calling and was heard deep under the ground

The small leather-clad bearded beings who appeared from a crack in the ice smelled of the deep earth and had a wild gleam to the eye, “Come with us child”

Her animal friends trusted them and pushed Oski towards them

Deep deep under the ground she finally came to her senses and looked into those gleaming eyes
She did as they asked
“We have searched long and deep to find magics to empower your amulet, child you must place it upon the anvil.”

Huge hammers appeared and beat down upon a glow which emanated from the bejewelled amulet.
Bone of egg, beat. Root of mountain, beat. Footfall of cat, beat. Breath of the ocean, beat.
Juice of the ironstone, beat. Beat beat beat…

“Now with your power you must help us. The great blue bear is lost to us.”

The path they showed her went back into the land of ice.
A howling growl ahead guided them
There at last was a huge pit
Down and down it went
There was the source of the great roaring howl
The blue bear

What could Oski do?
Her doubt increased as she heard the creaking crack of the frost creatures nearing
The amulet glowed, and she reached within
She pulled out a long long rope with a hook

The rope stretched and stretched and the hook reached and wrapped around the bear
Her strength seemed to grow with the task
And the bear was free

Back through to the dwarven tunnels and the bear led her deeper till they came to a huge thunderous waterfall.
“Child you must leap, leap into the falls.

Too much for her innocent heart she fell indeed, fell in a faint, down and down and down she flew, bursting out and gasping, flying high on a wave to land on a grassy bank.

Through a glistening forest, dappled with light, came slender beings, song-like they called her name…
“Jul has come, Oski has come, the time has come, to dance and sing.”

elf table

Dancing, skipping and singing they led her into their large wonderful hall. Glistening streamers hung among beautiful ivy and berried holly with spiritual mistletoe.

There in the middle of the hall sat a burning log, “Yippeee it is Jul!”

Their ancient song weaved and spun around her, till all was swirling and rising. The amulet glowed and shone.

They danced her to the edge of the light and sang a long old song in mournful tones,
“We have given you all we can but we cannot give you the strength to carry on through the final part of your journey.”

There was nothing but night ahead
She stepped out into the darkness
Gradually huge trees came into being
And then between them
There was a path
It was lined with darkened skulls

Ahead a voice boomed, “Enter if you dare”

The Dark castle of Mala with a molten lava fire fall, covered in dead ivy,
(Smoke comes through the cracks, you hear it crackle, hear howling, and creaking, the swish of blades, screams – possibly parents calling for help)
In her heart she feels the love of her parents calling to her.
She knows she must continue
As she slowly walks towards the towering castle a huge voice booms out, enter!
The great gates open
Oski seems so small and weak as she steps through the door’s expanse.
Yet the hall itself is like a world; a world of darkened dread.
She gasps in fearful awe and doubts herself
Up through the hall lead stone steps, narrowing to the eye, towards a distant door
The door splinters to nothing amid flashing flame
And there suddenly is Mala
“At last”

(Large hairdo, dark hair, Black eyes, really long black cloak that trails all down the high thin staircase behind him, skeletal thin.)
As he walks down the stairs he creates fires here and there around the hall using only the power of his mind
He steps down to the hall with his great long cloak trailing and the darkness he brings into being building up behind
“I knew you would come”,
He seems to creak as he starts to walk towards her across the great long hall
Everything behind him turns to darkness
In a dark throaty evil voice he says, “Ah you are here at last , I have your parents and now,,,,,,,,
I have you”
“And I will have the power of your amulet”
“This is what I wanted all along”
Oski has been tricked into coming here and yet she knew she must
As she begins to falter she feels again the call of her parent’s love within.
She looks down at the amulet which is shining so brightly now
Now, her long dress is shimmering with glistening light

She too has a long cloak;
A long cloak of dazzling light

All around is illuminated with purity and she feels suddenly strengthened and refreshed

All in black
His body like a broken skeleton
His hands long and bony like an ancient bird
A thumb and two long fingers on each hand

“I knew you would come
But it took so so long”

He draws out his sword
Long and black
A sword of night
And raising it up above him in two hands
He screeches out his desire to kill
Flying forwards
As he approaches
Bringing certain death
She stands frozen in powerless fear
No, her parents,

Her friends,

All the help along the way….

The amulet!!!

Oski loosens the beaded gold threads
She reaches in as the sword of night nears
There is a space within
She feels and grasps and pulls
And in her hand a sword of light
White flames fwoooosh across the hall
His lunging blow is cast aside
As she becomes accustomed to the feel of the mighty sword of light
Mala screeching spins and swings an unstoppable slice

With all her will she stands against the blow
And is knocked backwards in a crumbled heap of shimmering gown
“And now, at last, you die”
The blade of night is raised
“And I will live forever as foretold”
The blade of light is strong
The blade of Light is powerful
This is a sword which knows how to fight
Before she knows her senses have returned
She has risen up and is high above this being of evil
Her shimmering gown like a tower behind her,
The sword of light is powering down;
Powering down to thrust into his blackened empty bones
“No, I cannot do…..”
This thing she was about to do was against her very nature.
She was a healer.
She gathered natural beings around her,
She loved all life and wished.
This was more than she could do.
This was a place she should not join with
As the very old love flowed out
She fainted

She crashed to the floor
And that was the last she would ever remember

The sword of light in her hands passed before the bones of Mala
And embedded in the floor
The slender darkness of Mala stood above her gloating
As he lunged to kill

The limp body of Oski held the sword
The sword embedded in the stone
Cracks appeared
Spreading forwards
Beneath the being Mala
And, yes, as foretold, he fell

Fell downwards
Into the
Of the dead

Screeching out his anger, forever

And that was the end of this story for Oski.

(Big pause)

Oski awoke.
She was laid in her secret chamber
None of this had happened
It had all been a dream
A dream of the carvings
She was an orphan
And nothing would ever change

(Turn page)

The door creaked open
There were her parents
Holding out her amulet
We are so glad you have recovered at last
You saved us
We are free
Free to be here with you and happy at last.

The Goddess of Thunder looked down upon them and smiled.

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