Exciting Viking links

Exciting Viking links

This links blog is part of our presentation of events and activities across much of the Viking lands. I am sure you will all find it very interesting.

Here are Bio summaries as CVs of the work of Chloë Anderson and Adrian Spendlow…

The Hammer Flies – Viking Comics Inc. – The online cooperative arts project
Our popular first Graphic Novel

Proposed Script
This is the initial script as our application to Follow The Vikings with the working title of The Horned God and the Wild Hunt

Our proposal for the Follow The Vikings project

Do please contact us with expressions of interest and support, and please follow this blog.

My homepage

Living the Viking Way
These are the Viking Experiences which lead to the creation of Viking Comics Inc.

Chloë Anderson


Sound Effects
York TV (York@54)

Hansel and Gretel
Community Project
Some from Norway

Children’s Viking Comic Book Tale
Oski and the Amulet

There are a whole ‘stable’ of talented people we can draw upon in need; here are a few of them…
Tom Ray – Digital Composer – DJ – Artist
Brinkmanship EP, by Breakmagos
Soundcloud page
Breakmagos is an eclectic and eccentric electronic music producer with a strong interest in Lo-fi, Noise, Found Sounds, Glitch, Tape/Vinyl Noise, Drones, re-purposed background noise and vintage computer game sounds.
Olivia Jayne Newton – Celtic Folk Artist Celtic Folk Artist – Actress – Producer
Gramey Smith of GSmithmedia – Musician – Web-designer – Composer – Film Maker
All Things Media
Youtube – music and film
My Chieftain Georg Hansen Viking Presentations
Lars Magnar Enoksen – Runes, Galdra and Glima.
Plus of course all 18 artists involved in our first project and all the ones still to join with this project.

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