The Horned God and the Wild Hunt – Viking Comic Inc. II

 The Horned God and the Wild Hunt – Viking Comic Inc. II

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The Hammer Flies

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text intro 01

Each line here will be a text box and you will do a picture for it; acrylics, digital, photo of a sculpture, real world picture, inked, leather work, collage, weaving, stuff.

(I have created initial artwork (of a sorts) and now ask that you replace it – and this will progress / evolve as the tour progresses)

This follow up to The Hammer Flies is a collaborative graphic novel for online display and as a presentation on screen at festivals and museums across much of the Viking lands.

We at Viking Comics Inc. are creating our amazing Graphic Novel presentation The Horned God and the Wild Hunt and the proposed script is below. We are looking for artist contributors now!

text box intro 02We will be creating an installation for large screen presentation and download for Markets, Festivals and Museums.text box intro 03(We will chat through what is needed and how it all works and then leave it up to you to interpret)

text box titletext box version 01text box 01

veiw from tent 01pic footer camp 01camp 05 boxedpic footer camp 01text box 03

fpic footer camp 01text box 04

text box 05ftext box 06wild creaturetext box 07monster 02text box 08you 02text box 09join the hunt 02text box 09bheart creature 01text box 09chunt 01

text box 09dhunt 02 flippedpic footer camp 01text box 09e

village 01

pic footer camp 01text box 09f

hunt 01
For the Horned God rides

pic footer camp 01

pic 09gpic footer camp 01text box 09gglittering cold 01pic footer camp 01

text box 09harrows.JPGpic footer camp 01text box 09i

(Neanderthal Camp etc)

always huntpic footer camp 01text box 09jis deadpic footer camp 01text box 09ldeath aheadpic footer camp 01text box 09lbpeakpic footer camp 01text box 09mana tree hunt

Ana Maus

text box 09ndark forest

pic footer camp 01text box 09ocreatures runpic footer camp 01text box 09pMat 01pic footer camp 01text box 09q

For the horned god rides
“We must be about our way,” speaks King Georg
“To out ships and to our home”

village 01pic footer camp 01
For I must cast the bones

bones tent 01pic footer camp 01

I see a great wyrm-beast that winds and devours. It is coming down through the hills to destroy

fire wyrm 04 darkened croppedpic footer camp 01
To destroy our kin
Then we must a-home at speed

amanda hall in pastels 01pic footer camp 01
“Come back! There is more.

solo bones 01
pic footer camp 01It is not our home where death is at its worst.
They will be safe enough in the cold till our ships return.

village 01
pic footer camp 01The danger is…

solo bones 01
pic footer camp 01…to the Jarl
Øyvind Bone-in-the-Head”
“Bone Head!”
Egil stands, “They need us not.”

egil in hall 01
“They have a great fortress”
Vibeke stands,

girl viking speaks 01
“and great armies”
“They need us not. We are needed at home.”
“So speaks our greatest fighter”

egil in hall 01
“Yet there is more,”
“A monstrous being came out of the sea”

ana emerging
Ana Maus

“a Dragoon!” [need to look this up, it turns man-like]
“Bone Head fought it single-handedly.”
“It fled with want of limb”
“There was a great feast.”
“They slept well (despite the distant sound of wailing pain)”
“The very walls of the hall were burst apart”
“The creature’s father!”
“Bone Head was swept aside to fall as dead.”
“This enormous creature devoured each warrior.”
“One by one”
“They were devoured”

fallen 01pic footer camp 01

halved 01
pic footer camp 01“Till all that could fight were laid as limbs”
“Roaring it ran”
“Last seen”
“Diving down the great falls with son in arm,”

dragoon leapspic footer camp 01
“Swimming across the sea to other, safer, lands to heal.”
“When Bone Head awoke all there was left was stench and slime and death”
“and the battered poor”
“More death will come – the winding beast”

fire wyrm 02 darkenedpic footer camp 01
“One ship”
“Our best warriors”
“and you!”you 01pic footer camp 01
“The outside watcher. Ready yourself for you must go” [it could have the faces of everyone involved]

ship sails text box 02

jodie ship sails 02art by jodie hazel

A great wyrm-like trail bursts out of the waters and howling, baying, blowing, hunts – across the very sea

wild hunt rises baying 01pic footer camp 01
The Horned God creates a path of ice as they hurtle on

hunt ice 01
The Horned God creates a path of ice as they hurtle on

pic footer camp 01Arrows, spears are flying down

arrows down 01
Arrows, spears are flying down

pic footer camp 01The great leviathan

lethiathon leaps b 01
The great leviathon

pic footer camp 01The monstrous beast it leaps

lethiathon leaps a 01
The monstrous beast it leaps

pic footer camp 01Swallowing the hunt

lethiathon swallows 01
Swallowing the hunt

pic footer camp 01They burst out and hurry on

lethiathon bursts 01
They burst out and hurry on

pic footer camp 01The Jarl on guard alone looks down and sees a sail
The band disembark
“Such a small force as this”

jarl on knees
Such a small force as this

pic footer camp 01The fire-wyrm comes

fire wyrm 01pic footer camp 01
Villagers run and hide
Jarl and Georg’s fighters stand and face
“They are but men”
“On horses, carrying torches!”

on horses 06 boxedart by jodie hazel
“Naked but for red paint and skull of bird” (Jodie Hazel)
The vast horde leaps the stockade.

bird skulls brst through 01

pic footer camp 01
T’or Eric fallsGeorg falls 01pic footer camp 01
Simen fights to deathsimen fights to death

pic footer camp 01
Kennet runs through them; killing, dyingkennet runs 01pic footer camp 01Jarl again is knocked from feet, to fall in well

jarl well 01pic footer camp 01
Lars Magnar knocks a red one from horse and rides to fight a while
Vigdis and Jeppe feel spears as their spears pierce

vigdis and jeppe spears 01

pic footer camp 01
text fight and fall

3 snddpic footer camp 01Bruni is felled from behind
Egil and Vibeke cut a swathe almost to the rear

“And that leaves you”just you 02 coloured

pic footer camp 01
Then a darkness fills the sky

darkness 01
Then a darkness fills the sky

pic footer camp 01The Horned God

horned god 01
The Horned God

pic footer camp 01The Wild Hunt fly

wild hunt fly 01
The Wild Hunt fly

pic footer camp 01And all will die…

hunt fight fire wyrm 01
pic footer camp 01You take up arms and valiant join your god in mighty, fighting, death

you join fight 01pic footer camp 01
Till none are left alive

background 02
pic footer camp 01What will you do?

first life drawing
pic footer camp 01Will you and your warriors join the hunt?

join the hunt 01
pic footer camp 01.


Or will you send the red ones to be part of the forever hunt?

fire wyrm 03 croppedpic footer camp 01.



Will you follow the Horned God to Valhal? To feast till Ragnarok




Whichever way you choose, the village is saved

village 01
pic footer camp 01.


And they will build again



All artists will be credited for their work and links placed as requested.

All art remains the property of the creator and although use of these peices is kindly donated, if profits are made from future publication they will be shared proportionately.

text box title

Link to Jodie Hazel

Link to Ana Maus

The Hammer Flies

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