shambles 03

I don’t know why we do the things that we do.

There is a happenstance to our choices. We do the wrong things sometimes. We hope things will be better. All I know is, I dont know how to draw.

Today I did this.

Destiny leads us where we go, (sometimes).

I am two weeks late with an invoice.

There are a pile of letters requesting books and CDs.

I haven’t looked at my travel details or even worked out if I can get there tomorrow. A room full of blind children are waiting for me to encapture them with stories. (I will probably come up with the right thing).

The things you wish for are inside you I think. So many times I find that the thing which I do is the thing which is needed in the end. The universe and all that.

For you who doubt, I say this, I will report back in a month or so and see if what I did today led to anything fulfilling (what earned me money I mean).

I do know that the few wise words of a couple of friends led me to ‘waste’ my day doing what I just done.

(Do you think the museum will wait for the invoice btw?)

And that I have intrigued a couple of real good freinds with my ‘cheat’.

I do not draw.

I am not an artist.

Today I went on a journey.

Where will it lead?

Here are the steps I made today.

I havent paid the rent (as yet) I wonder what you did today…

shambles 03
swans 03 flipped
swans final
grey swans
See I said I  couldn’t draw
grey swans flipped
Grey Swans – facing the other way
black swans
Black Swans
wild hunt 01
The Wild Hunt
shambles 03
Life is this – Shambles

With thanks especially to Zena and Gramey

Poem for a Freind

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