We Have A King – The Press Never Lie

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Following the press release that proclaimed our chieftain at Gudvangen as King, I felt it was my duty as his Skald to mark this occasion.

King Olafr

Destiny has led us to this
We have history to thank, or blame
Honour decides who will be chieftain
There was only one who we could name

The one-sided sword he weilds echoes older
International fame proclaims a greater thing
Royalty ruled here with wide-spread power
The world now hears he is our king

Now Olafr raises, smiling, to accept the crown
With all the sense of ceremony this does entail
He marches for us; a face of much renown
But as in the past the real power here is – female.


Adrian Spendlow

3 thoughts on “We Have A King – The Press Never Lie

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