Oski and the Amulet – Children’s Viking Comic Book Story

This wonderful story has just been accepted for publication by Facts and Fiction Magazine

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Children’s Viking Comic Book Story

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A highly imaginative story created by Adrian with the children of Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy as part of the 2015 Jorvik Viking Festival.

Oski and the Amulet

There Oski lay in her chamber, her secret chamber. It was a dark, dusty, murky, damp, cold, bone-filled, chamber.in cave
“Sssh its a secret,” they whispered as they hid the cave entrance.sssssh
The people of the halls were normally kind to her, she didn’t understand why they hid her away whenever there were visitors to their community.farm
(Oski wears a long white dress, when she heals or her amulet does magic her dress transforms into a shimmering gown. And later she will have a train that shimmers and gives off light.)oski light

There were painted carvings set into the walls all around like a story. She had often looked at them and thought how the girl looked like her. Yet…

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