No, No, No

england flag

No, no, no, no, no I do understand really. I have got it all worked out, I think.

It is a game chaps play. I know all about it. There are nearly two dozen of them, and they run around in shorts playing a game. Well most of them do, there are two who are put at each end and it is their job to stop them.

There are a lot of people about at a time like this who are interested I believe, and they tend to shout at you, “England!” Thats what they shout round here anyway, “England!” I tend to reply by saying, ‘Yes, that’s where we are sure enough.’ That tends to keep them happy or at least reasure them about their whereabouts.

Each group has a kind of symbol, usually made up of two or three colours, and the interested fellows put these on sticks and wave them about; you see them placed on the tops of buildings or sticking up from cars that pass.

Many of these supports people have a strange belief. They paint their symbol on their face or even all over the front of their house in a village somewhere. They actually believe that because this symbol is on their house in a little tiny street in this country that their team of chappies who are miles away in another land will actually do better as a result.

Yes this is my neighbour, mine is the little door on your right

Above is an example of the symbols, it is on material in this circumstance I am pleased to say, as it will be down quicker than if it had been painted.

For ideological reasons I shall shortly be voting to stay within the EU, and a lot of these chappies will also be voting to stay in, but their reason is so they have someone to play with at this time next year.

My advice to you is that this is not a good time to go to the pub. Mainly because of all the shouting, but also because of all the negative energy you will pick up from all the terrible disappointment.

One advantage of all this going on at the moment is that for a couple of hours once or twice a week there will be lots less traffic on the roads.

There is however a remote chance that as you are passing a pub you may hear a mighty roar, although I do not expect this to happen too often.

It is however a great time to go shopping.

(I hope you have enjoyed my shopping advice blog)

england flag

At least you will be reminded of where you are.

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