I Will Be Standing – (in Norway)

red ships

I Will Be Standing – (in Norway)

I will be standing at the AllT’ing

Amid the timeless circle of chieftains

Echoing ever backwards and onwards

I will be standing, to proclaim my chieftain; my king

My king among men

Among my Njardar Clan

I will be standing at the Borre gathering

I will be standing, amid the circle of stones

Within the stones

Within the tribes of old

I will be standing for the myriad of visitors of Gudvangen

I will be busking

I will be raising the hearts and the spirits of many within the walls

As long high falls fall

I will be standing

I will be bringing donations; so eagerly given

To create our future

A vision

The Viking long past on our land

I will be standing; where a stave church will stand

And seeing it becoming because of us

I will be standing; at a gathering

A thousand yearlong gathering

In Sarpsborg

Among men I met in old Jorvik

Who invited me

To tell stories

With my Chieftain

I will be standing

For Njardar

In the land of God’s Water

To be international

At our market

Where fighters,

And crafters,

And wrestlers

And choirs

Will join with my telling

Of weddings

Of AllT’ing

Of merry making

And I hear today

I will be staring

At an old stone


The brave ones

Of the ancient times

In their red boats of bravery

I will be standing in Norway

At the old stones

Of memory


red ships

Adrian Spendlow

The old road of history leads us to what are believed to have been thirteen circles of thirteen stones. The graves of the women, the seats of the meeting, the place of the forever. Hunn near Skjærsilden, near Oslo. Here we stand at the Stortinget Plasser to rediscover what is truly in the heart and the bones. For we stand there and we know.

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