So Spoke the Skald 08 – Songs of Odin

So Spoke the Skald 08 – Songs of Odin

From a forthcoming recording The Boat Rising, this is the words of Odin arranged by me.

Read at the Gudvangen Market Opening Ceremony and at a child’s blessing.

Let words that echo resonate among the mountains, through the trees and throughout our lands.

Deep he went the Odin-one to seek the rune, to gather song and long long his words go on.

Let nothing harm the child, we fill each heart with happiness.

And women strong who bare them, let you be free of all pain.

To rise again to visit a warm bed..

Let love be in the heart, the body, in the loin and in the thoughtful head.

Let love be long and passions share whenever youthful women wish to dare.

For all will heal in time. This is the pledge the oath of man.

Let all wounds heal, let weapons fail.

Wild steam and fire quench upon the world and in the once so angry heart – be calmed.

For bondage shall be gone, all suffering, all pain, and chain.

Let all the weapons blunted be, for this shall be our start.

Odin’s words, his song, his rune, be our defence, our promises.

Through fjord wall, through forest glen.

Let Odin-hope be echoed still, throughout the hearts of man.


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