Dear diary…

Just putting away the shopping.


Pack of loo rolls.


I ‘put them away’ by throwing them towards the bottom of the stairs.


I took out a whole shelf unit and a vase of flowers.


There isn’t really a visible lounge floor at the moment.


The vase didn’t break though.



The Hammer Flies – reblogged to promote our presentations across the Viking world

The final version before it becomes an online slide show movie and a globally available print on demand is here.

As this on-line graphic novel is about to become a ‘movie’ I thought it was time to re-share it

Adrian Spendlow The Blog

The Hammer Flies – reblogged to promote our presentations across the Viking world

This re-blog of The Hammer Flies is part of our presentation to Festivals, markets anmd museums with events and activities across much of the Viking lands.

We at Viking Comics Inc. are creating an amazing Graphic Novel presentation with the working title of The Horned God and the Wild Hunt and the proposed script is below in our links. We are already looking for artist contributors and we will be making this happen. So please contact us now with offers of contributions.

We will be creating an installation for large screen presentation and download for a road-show around Markets, Festivals and Museums and await booking enquiries.


The Horned God and the Wild Hunt
Our Proposal
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A great big thank you to all involved in this huge project. In the end I think there…

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