Missing Time: Watch out for it, you won’t know until it has gone!


Missing Time: Watch out for it, you won’t know until it has gone!

The story that terrified me and for a little while got me worrying about abduction by aliens was a letter in a magazine. By I had read it my mind was filled with the idea for a while. Yes it was a letter, and yes it was in Fortean Times – I love that magazine but I do find many of the articles over analytical and rather too sceptical; almost as if they are desperate to disprove everything (I wonder if the lizards have taken over in a subversive plot!?). The letters pages though, that is where I start getting drawn in, in particular the It Happened To Me section.

There is something about an individual going out of their regular life to ‘admit’ to an unexplained experience many years after the fact which has me believing it totally. Of course, anyone can write anything; just look at how this storyteller works up the truth into a tale to intrigue! There is something about the decision to share which makes me think most of these tales are genuine.

This one really got to me, this guy, let’s call him Albert, recalled his experiences from back in the nineties and the on-going effects on him over the years ahead.

As I recall the story it was much like this…

He and his partner were organising security for a large upcoming event and they needed to test the walkie-talkies. So he set off in the car and kept a dialogue going with his wife and she recorded the range and power. So there was constant contact.


As he described his journey to maintain the dialogue level he turned into a long country lane which they both knew well. Ahead he commented that he could see a strange bank of fog stretching across the road.

As he drove through it he heard a high pitched piercing sound, his left ear started bleeding and the side of his face was burning. He started to scream and tried to describe the experience at the same time.

He drove out of the fog after only around a minute and turned for home. His wife was screaming into the walkie-talkie asking where he went, why he had gone silent for so long and what had happened? He said he had been talking to her throughout but when he got home he discovered she had been calling to him for a long time and that half an hour was missing.

She was shocked at the dishevelled way he was dressed and there was blood all down his burnt face. He expelled large amounts of clear fluid and then lay shaking in his bed. He awoke in the night and ran screaming from the room tearing at the door.

He has been terrified of being trapped ever since and his anxiety levels went through the roof yet he had always been a calm confident person before.

A psychologist was called in and eventually arranged a hypnosis session. When Albert was awoken the therapist said that he regretted he could have no more to do with this situation and would have to discharge him from his care. He was left alone in the room and offered the recording.

He was shocked to hear his own voice and the things he was saying. He had been stripped and placed on a large metal bed, there were many such beds, a girl was calling across to him asking if it was a dream. Grey figures experimented on them. Then a human-like being filled his mind with atrocities and then spoke directly into his mind saying that humankind must change their ways.

He was led to what was described as a Dimensional Shift Device and told he would be returned but not to the same time.

He has never fully recovered and sometimes even now wakes up with bruises, marks where long spindly fingers had gripped him and sometimes with his pyjamas on inside out.

That story was brought to us by ‘Albert’ in the letters page of ForteanTimes in an edition with the cover tagline, ‘The Truth is in Here’.

After all, who would miss half an hour.

Five hours! That is going to be noticed, and it was. Sue and Robert both worked office hours and were looking forward to getting off work and home in time to watch a television program of a special event.

Robert texted here and said he would pick her up. She texted back to say would he meet her in the supermarket car park across from her work and they would run in for some food.

As they dashed in she mentioned a desire to have some ice-cream and he suggested that they picked it up last so it didn’t start to go soft. Even though they were going to be home within twenty minutes she agreed. They grabbed pizzas, salad and garlic bread and then went to the ice-cream aisle.


When they got to the counter and lifted up the purchases to the conveyor belt she noticed a sloshing sound.

The ice-cream was completely liquid. The till operative went and fetched them a fresh one and they went home. They popped the oven on and prepared the food and then turned on the television.

Their program had finished! When Sue looked at the clock it was half past ten. Five hours had gone.

They were terribly worried and after a sleepless night Robert suggested they contact his friend who was a police officer. The friend pointed out that no crime seemed to have been committed but as it was him he trusted his word and would look into it.

The officer friend went to the supermarket and asked to check the CCTV footage. The cameras showed then entering, and making all their purchases, until the ice-cream aisle. There was footage of them entering the aisle, but there were no cameras down there.

He sat and watched for them emerging, he sat a very long time. There at last was footage of them coming out of the other end of the aisle. Yes. Five hours later.

Footnote: If any of the people in these accounts wish to come forward I will gladly correct any details and use real names and the actual places if they prefer. (The ‘girl’ will be grown up now and may also want to make contact.)


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