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Slightly silly and I hope funny whilst being endearing, feel free to laugh at my ignorance. I’ve tried this one out on a few friends from around the world (including from Poland). I’ve think I’ve got it all a bit wrong but everyone found it entertaining.

pickles box 01.jpgvin.jpgpickles-box-02pickle-jarpickles box 03.jpgstamp.jpgpickles box 04.jpgmushroom.jpgpickles-box-05beet.jpgpickles-box-06


pickles-box-07story rc 07 j.jpgpickles-box-08story-rc-07-jpickles box 09.jpgreach-cuppickles box 010.jpgme stare.jpgpickles box 011.jpggoths 02.jpgpickles box 012.jpgginapickles box 013.jpgme-shoppingpickles box 014.jpgfreindlypickles box 015.jpgspirit n girl.jpgpickles box 016.jpgpickle-facepickles box 017.jpgsmiley man.jpgpickles box 018.jpgat counter.jpgpickles box 019.jpgdevil man maybe 02.jpgpickles box 020.jpgbut cropped.jpgpickles box 021.jpgtimber-croppedpickles box 022.jpgtimber.jpgpickles box 023.jpgtimber-cropped-twicepickles-box-024me hands up.jpgpickles-box-025me shopping.jpgpickles box 027.jpgme-question-newpickles box 028.jpgoscilate.jpgpickles box 029.jpgat counter flipped.jpgpickles-box-031pole-and-picklespickles box 032.jpgvinepickles-box-033vinpickles box 034.jpgfly barrel.jpgpickles-box-036me-glazedpickles-box-037smiley man.jpgpickles-box-038pickles box 039.jpgpickles-box-040mushroom-jarpickles box 041.jpgpickles box 042.jpgpickles box 043.jpgpickles box 043.jpgtitle-box

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“This is all somehow Lovecraftian and bizarrely hilarious at the same time. What a fabulous life you are living!” Henry Partridge