Ghost Walks for your Group- (by Adrian in York)

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As the nights are darkening what better place to be than York, what better thing to do but a ghost walk, what better could you do than join me.

Described recently as York’s best storyteller, and believe me there are many!

I am happy to do a walk for your group (minimum 8) at any time or date to suit.

Book through me or via my agent (You can ask for a tour by me or by James).

Prices are £6 pp, concessions £5 and under 14’s £4.candle

Tours take about an hour and a quarter and usually finish near the Golden Fleece – the most vividly haunted place in York.

I say vividly haunted because although I know 21 different ghost stories for the Black Swan and not quite as many for the Golden Fleece I do beleive it is the place where you are most likely to encounter a ghost  (I can’t wait to tell you about the best of them).

Recently three people fell over while on my tour! So take this as a warning, they were so wrapped up in the scary tale that they just went over, just like that.

There were mass screams recently, but that was because passing headlights cast a shadow of me the full length of the building beside me, I was flapping my arms and screaming at the time so it was quite a sight.

One tour I took split up at the end, and some went towards the door of the Golden Fleece. I went to them and said I will see you inside, I will just go and say goodbye to everyone else.

When I got back to the pub door, they were all still stood there. As I approached one of them said, “Will you go in first?” They didn’t know each other but had bonded in fear. I led them into the front bar and they all just stood there. One asked, “Which room are we most likely to encounter a ghost in?” I said it was definitely the back bar, so they all sat down. Eventually a young man stood up and announced that he was going to go into the back bar. The rest watched with admiration and fear as he walked through.

That’s how scary I am!




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