Got the Job

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Got the job: Pied Piper, axe distributer, Rollercoastival storyteller, safe opener, God’s Bless Ya!!! promoter, travelling storyteller, Soldiers, Sailors and something a bit fishy star, silverware expert, office worker, Santa the Storyteller, supplier of CDs, beard ring commissioner, ghost walker, king of a land, celebrant, bell ringer activist, tour guide, patronised by Alan Bennet, forger of Francis Bacon, Viking Seer, lantern leader, Vikings, Folklore and bits about beer presenter, hut dweller, coordinator between funders, model maker, storytelling tutor, instrument maker, cartoonist, songwriter promoter, holiday cover, furniture remover, songwriter promoter, Battle reenactor, Hobb the pig man, Goth Fest host, art commissioner, miniaturist, Jelling mythology performer, piper, Viking ritual recreator, local history guide, Wyrd Sisters actor, Viking cook, researcher, gardener, Warior entertainer, story circle host, Yellow Roader, Minster protector, partygoer, pig man, community worker, funding coordinator, bus misser, soggy.

It has been quite a day.

Oh yes, it has been quite a day.