Art Class Autobiography in Pictures

Art Class Autobiography in Pictures. Lets see how I progress.

And todays work:

minster-and-sevenI call the above piece Minster and Seven in memory of artist and poet Dennis Knowles – who I feel was with me in spirit as I experimented with pallet knife for the first time. It was hurredly done and with no pallet or water or cloth.

Thank you Ana Maus for our time in the Minster gardens.

bridge 03.jpg

Here’s the latest one;
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We moved on to studying David Hockney. The last one; Jesu Stands Among Maidens horrified the tutor cos of my techniques, but then everyone in the class came and said Wow! So I might keep going 😉

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Art Class Autobiography in Pictures. Images only, no dialogue, lets see how I progress. Hopefully you own inner diaologue will allow you to learn as you go along too.

Well, alright, I will add a bit of dialogue. Now that I am updating it.

We moved on to studying David Hockney.hockney tree.jpg

That one is a direct copy of a small part of a larger piece of his, or to put it simply; forgery. 😉


Ten times clockwork and ten withershinsquick faces.jpg

Class neighbour in twenty seconds.misty wood.jpg

I wanted to work on having a foreground. And with light. Hockney isn’t perhaps the best person to learn light from. But I managed to come up with; Misty Wood.horses neck.jpg

Horses neck.wolds-road

The next challenge to choose a piece of his to copy. I went for this (I call mine Wold’s Road) as I felt I knew that road and wanted to travel it again…

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