We are the news

We are the news

Politics has happy warriors, smile and be calm – be it jocular Nigel, dramatic Donald, calm confident David, or newsworthy Theresa, they are like Adolf; they rise the same feelings in the listener, but in a ‘happy’ way. Hahaha others are to be hated. Let us happily bond against them. That sort of stuff. It is fanatical in a quiet way.

It is time to change. We of the internet. It used to be we of the western world. That is not the case anymore. We of the internet. We are viable. Connected.

No matter how much we would like things to be better. Better for us and for others. We have the internet, so we are not dying. We are affluent. Wherever we are in the world.

This is not the time to be strong. This is not the time to be angry. We have a strength from being connected. This. This. Is the time to be honestly vulnerable. Say how you feel. Say how you really really feel. Hurt. We are hurt.

We empathise so so greatly with each other. With others. We wish, we so wish, for things to be better. Complain. In an honest feeling way, say, say how you feel.

Let the world hear. Let the world hear how hurt you are. We are connected. We are the world. Not the news. Not the papers. Not the media controllers. They are not the thing to listen to anymore.

I feel hurt by what is happening. I lay awake at night frightened. I have global news coming at me all the time.

And we have the truth right inside of us. Right here in our feed. We know they are wrong. Help. Cry. Complain of your worries. Be simple.

Say what is really important. Remember. Before they took over and told us. Be together. Whoever you are.

I walk these streets and I see people. I do not see the people portrayed across the media. I see people. And we all know that is true. We all know. Go for a walk. Go for a ‘stream’. They are there.

People. You know them. Among distant friends we have come to love through simple chat. We hurt. Let us not be frightened any more.

We are the news. And we are together. Sing. Say. Be.


We are the global community.


We are the news.




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