All Before Us

All Before Us

I shall be performing this poem tonight as part of my presentation; Adrian Spendlow, Spiritualist, survivor, poet, storyteller and blogger presents his life journey with the title – I Don’t Know.

All Before Us

Just think of all the lives that have lived before us

So many souls who have walked this way

What I wouldn’t give to see all their pathways

Yes how I’d hope to inherit their happiness

It is good I suppose to not feel all their sufferings

Let’s just hope we don’t repeat all they’re mistakes

We owe them a debt I reckon to walk somehow taller

Straighter yes and prouder through all that heritage

Oh walk us life, down a path, deep trod with experience

Feel the past’s arms supporting us and pointing ways

Our instinctual kindred learnt so much through their struggles

Perhaps some of that knowledge is tied up inside of us

Enough to know not to trample other folk for our gain

Millions have live and died with their eyes on the future

Their hopes cried aloud to all that would listen

Not just for themselves, or their own, but us all

We hear you our kindred, our families, our truth

We take what you offer foundations, our roots

So many that have lived and died stand before us

So many souls that once walked are still with us

Let us step through their visions with their will to survive

Then maybe together we might dare say,

‘We’ve arrived’

….Adrian Spendlow


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