Supermarket conversation hardly worth a blog…

Supermarket conversation hardly worth a blog…

But I overheard it and felt I needed to share…

“Oh, do they live in Strensal?”


“Oh, I thought they lived somewhere else – or is that someone else?”

“Yes someone else lives somewhere else.”


The Reclamation of Love

So much wonderful feedback caused me to revisit this poem, I read it now as if I have never seen it before and tears of joy and hope and love come falling through my smile.

To read the full poem click here

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I don’t do art, draw, or paint; I create images to compliment a poem or a story. This one says, ‘Read my poem; be inspired to love’

The Reclamation of Love

I think I’ve found love

and this time it is going to last

It came on fast

It let me know it is here to stay

This love has spoken of forever

Coming to me in a moment

In the petals of a flower

The seven hour scenery

Had many

Only one leapt out at me

This is a love of everybody

A love of me

Sadness told me

Lost love loses everything

Letting the feelings of failure

Come flooding

Forgetting enthusiasm

A trap of remembering


Never again

Never never again.

Never, be reliant on being,

of being better,

because of someone

Then, while thinking of others

of knowing

of helping

of contributing

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