Loki’s Monsters – Part of a series on Loki inspired by the Gods Bless Ya!!! Project

Loki’s Monsters

This is the early stages of a collection following the whole of Loki’s life. Inspired by research for my work with the – Rock Opera Gods Bless Ya!!! (hit the link to them above).

monsters painted cropped.jpg

Loki’s Monsters


The shape changer god no longer knows what he is. The change of shapes so often, takes away the god-like sense of human-form, until a part of him is monstrous.

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Even at his birth, when lightning took away his mother, he had to survive. Laufey had ran away while heavily pregnant, in fear for her life from Cruel Striker, she ran. Deep into the Iron Wood. At the moment of Loki’s birth-  lightning struck and Loki was alone. He had to change.


To hunt, to hide, to feed,


to climb.

snake 001.jpg

What monster in a god’s form entered Asgard?

He was embraced as blood-brother. Here he could be equal, and, he loved; his beloved wife and children, to them he was fair and loyal and true.

iron wood flipped.jpg

Yet he felt the call to share his love, to fly away – He went with Giant-woman Angrboda. Went with her often. They had children.


If ‘children’ is what they were. A snake. A wolf. A half dead daughter. Their wildness, their corruption, the danger of them spread as word to gods. They must be stopped.


Now. Jormungand the Midgardyrm is cast into the sea, to grow and fume and wait.


The wolf they could not kill, they tricked it: tied it down to howl and wail and strain with magic dwarven ribbons holding him.


The daughter; blackened half, commandingly beautiful in half; she was cast to the very deep.“Become the queen of all the death, the cowardly dead, the trickster dead, the oath breaker. – Keep them, keep them.” So hollered High-seat god of all the worlds.

monsters painted cropped.jpg

How Loki fumed. It turned his heart. They were not monstrous to him. They were his monsters. They were his offspring. See ahead how bitter are his deeds because of this. “My children! My monsters! My offspring!”



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