A Poetry Collection by Adrian Spendlow

A collection of recent poems of a pondering universal kind of nature; a little free-form they are driven by the thought along a path of easy rhythm towards a conclusion you form for yourself later.


Kill Rights Rescinded

I don’t often make global rulings

Never have before in fact

And this one is none-enforceable

Many of us will break this law

It is in place nonetheless


This which I say now

To all humans on this planet

Refers to humanities treatment

Of humanity


With regard to fellow residents

Of this planet

From this day onwards


You have no right to kill


 …                          Adrian Spendlow



There is one thing

I have learnt from

My life experience


It may not be much

Of a transferable model;

A benchmark,

A rule of thumb.


It may not be a masterpiece

As a perfect example


But this apprentice

Passes it on

In the hope it may have

A use at a universal level:

There is no need to make life difficult for others.


 …                      Adrian Spendlow


Soul Property

These little subtle things of hate

Somewhat less often of late

The trick is in anticipation

Playing upon preoccupation


Returning to times in memory

(Unaware of victor’s glory)

Which hurt beneath the levels of aware

To always inside still be there


Recollection ever present

Something of self is rent


Quietly said, privately spoken

Hit and hit again upon the broken


Words quietly said, privately spoken

Hit and hit again upon the broken


All time lost to anticipation


 …                              Adrian Spendlow



Be Vital

Wishing peace in the calm of yourself

May the eye of the storm

Be yours when you need it

Your energy is yours

Freely keep it

Let interactions foster

Mutually nurture

For you are yours alone

Even though you are loved

Let these words be an embrace

To encapsulate you

We wish you whole

(Or what is there left to love?)

You as you are


 …                    Adrian Spendlow



Top of the World

We occasionally feel

On top of the world

But this earth revolves fast

You have to set quite pace

Just to keep still


 …                    Adrian Spendlow


War or Peace – Kill or Cooperate

So what shall it be mate?

For everywhere we go

……..hear words of hate

We shall have to kill billions off

Then repopulate

Take war to the street

Killing from street to street

In every street; death

Stamp out the very last breath

Till there is only one kind left

Then, one birth by one birth

Refill the earth

Or, could we make peace?

All try hard to cooperate

See if you can tolerate

Go from hate to release

Or, is it too late?


 …                          Adrian Spendlow


Artwork by Mary Pessari

3 thoughts on “A Poetry Collection by Adrian Spendlow

    1. adrianspendlowblog.com

      ah so wonderful to hear. I try to find understanding and then share so it is personal and yet kind of universal too. so so glad you see deep within xx

      Liked by 1 person

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