Shopkeeper sees to the sick

There have been big new developments in the field of healthy deliveries.

I would like to say a great big thank you to Shopkeeper for all the health bringing gifts that have been arriving almost daily in little parcels ever since I came home from hospital.

She-who-must-exist-somewhere probably had some thing to do with it as I know that Shopkeeper is based in Old Lee.


Here are a few days deliveries. They might not be all organic or anything, but just what I needed and Shopkeeper says that is what makes them healthy.

and besides, I can only now eat very small meals so these mean I can still have everything.


and the lager went down a real treat. Especially as I am not allowed it.

It was mum who was treated the most of all…


Mum was delighted.


Although Shopkeeper did point out the difficulties in delivering the next present as it was actually giant sized.


I am feeling better already, and mum is delighted.

There is a new group on the case now though. Shopkeeper has moved our centre of operations away from Old Lee to a more central spot for our needs. He has sent in the Local Team.


I look forward to seeing what they will come up with.

Footnote; Local Team have pointed out that although they distribute in a small range area they do in fact accept deliveries from anywhere in existence, from anyone or any being willing to send gifts.


The meals dont seem quite so small now that I have shrunk to fit. In fact I have my eyes on my mums chocolates.


But perhaps fresh orange would be better for me.And there is nothing like a cream of chicken pie.pi.jpgThe secret to local deliveries working so well is that Shopkeeper (down in head office in Old Lee) has sent the local boys the most vital of pieces of equipment.badgerThe secret to distribution and organisational success is of course the all powerful clip board.

How else could the sick get their eggs or their Lucazade.



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