Action Towards Inclusion

There are hidden worlds of opportunity and every waterfall leads to a new way.

behind falls

How to write poetry

how to write poetry

Anything is possible universe

Turn your aims into signposts


We work together

working together

Going after opportunity one goes

I used to feel I’d missed the bus


Be prepared too experiment


A day that changed my life was meeting the Viking Cheiftain Georg

meeting georg

Let me tell you another one

i told

Some times we need help

course stress

She was a woman of many talents



One of us used to be a punk

punk only

See the I Know Someone Who poem here (but remember to come back to this)

As we write the songs burst forth


Adventurous spirits discover South American en suite showers are a little dangerous


Need a chance to think? Have a latte


Memories of hotel management


Some times I can be like Dobbie a bit, but he won his freedom when his skills were recognised


The picture below is nothing to do with our group activities and got in here by mistake…


Here Gramey shows how when the group needed a bin Adrian stole one from the Italian class next door


Wasps ate my homework


when the baby was born


When you see your dreams and they can all be fulfilled in one venue





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