Just in case you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering what I have been up to of late.

fear not

It is this

Well its not finished, it is partly painted and is only a small element of the terrifying very Graphic Novel which is going to be on the best sellers list.

many exciting details

It will have many interesting aspects.

More warm colours

ordinary people

Ordinary people(links to better graphic novels at the bottom…)

monstrous things.jpg

There will be monstrous thingsYes those really are sinous being ripped out just as it happened three thousand years ago to the day, yes

wondrous carts

There will be wondrous carts(this really is all in the ancient myths of Greece)

unexpected reactions

Unexpected reactions

unexpected heroes

Unexpected heroesPaintings

very monstrous

Very monstrous happenings

Fear not

A hero will arise

fear not



viking comics inc tab.jpg
poetics tab.jpg
rants tab.jpg
chat tab.jpg
spooky tab.jpg

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