Behold the God-slayer Typhon – Doom of Zeus – Graphic Novel Second Draft

See fourth draft here

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the header greek
text bx 0001
text bx 0002
art 0014 c bx
text bx 0003
art 0014 b bx
text bx 0004
003 a z 01
art 0014 a bx

Some dark satisfaction comes from the destruction of all that offends him.(wrong image?)

001 b types

It is a satisfaction tainted with anger. These stupid mortals, these rebellious Gods, Slimy Giants, these ravaging Titans; they must be watched.

001 c lightning man

They never learn.

001 a zeus kills

Zeus had already destroyed humanity three times, he killed Titans here and there, Cyclops fell on a ferocious whim, Goddesses lost loves, teachers lost livers.

art 0014 a bx
art 0022 bx
art 0020 bx

He fumed. He hardly even was aware in his mighty rage that he was hated. What did the dissatisfaction of others matter to the one who was all powerful! – Master of the Earth.The Earth Mother Goddess.She mattered.

art 05 b bx

The Earth Mother Goddess.

me from chaos

The Earth Mother Goddess, the Mother of the Earth, the Earth itself, some call Eurynome; creation from chaos: She mattered.

0020 em births cropped

And she was a mother – the Mother!

art 0012 bx

“Zeus killed my children

and I shall revenge.”

0020 em births ty

“Let my earth bring its very bones to life and bring forth to birthing my rage. For a huge child, has been born to me.”

art 05 c bx
art 0027 b bx
art 0031 a bx
art 05 a bx
art 0031 c bx
art 0031 b bx

“Typhon”“Typhon, my child, my monster, my destructive force personified.”He darkens the sky. Largest monster ever born.“Let him rise,” he is too giant for the earth.”My Typhon” His very thighs are snakes writhing across the world beneath him.

0024 in space

“Behold the God-slayer.” Each arm a myriad of snakes; in their multitudes, they stretch across the very heavens.

art 0011 a bx

“Burn him, crush him, poison him.” His eyes are fire.

0024 crush island

“Shatter his bones to feed me” From the bellowing maw of his huge mule head burst mountainous boulders; deafening, crushing.

art 0027 a bx

“This is my son.”

0027 z halo 03

How Zeus laughed to hear.

art 05 d bx
0027 z halo 02

How Zeus quaked to see.

0027 z halo 01

How Zeus screamed.

0027 pan from mount

The Goat-god Pan he screamed.

0028 froze gods

All the gathered Gods – they froze in fear.

0028 gods plead

“Change shape! Be monstrous. Save us.” “Mighty mighty Zeus.”

z change

A lion. A thunderbolt. An eagle. A quail. A wren. A sheep.

art 0015 b bx

They all became sheep.

art 0018 a bx

He ran.

art 0018 b bx

And as is the way with sheep, they all ran.

art 0015 a bx

Panic flicker-flashed across their psyches, multitudes of animal images blasting out of sheep-skin into other beings.

art 0052 bx

Meanwhile, in sumptuous splendour lay Athene; pampered, petted, soothed and bathed.

art 0058 bx

These beautiful handmaidens were nothing as beautiful as her. This sensual existence is far too ecstatic for a mere mortal to bare.

art 0036 bx

Look on Athene!

art 03b bx

While far far away

art 05 a bx

Rubble roared, bellows broke the peacefulness.

art 0060 a bx

Athene heard.

Athene flew.0034 ships a fly

0034 ship

Raced across the wide seas in the very first ever ship. Her crafted craft. The ship.

0034 ships a races

See the peak of Olympus.

0035 to olym flame

Rising up, flying, over the fires.

art 02 bx

To the meadows far beyond.

art 0060 c bx

She lands among the May flower and bee song to see fields of sheep silently grazing.

She sees one 0060 d bx

art 0060 b bx

She stands beside it.

0037 a hugs z

“I know who you are beloved King of Heaven.”

0037 z n a see t

“See over flaming mountains; the creature will seek you.”

0037 a points

“Die sheep or become brave.”

z change

Quail, wren, serpent, thunderbolt, eagle.

art 0023 a bx

It is Zeus.

art 0023 b bx

“Fly high our beloved god, for you must defeat him.”

art 0024 b bx
art 0024 a bx

Rising up to his mountain. Almost returning to true form.

art 0044 b bx

The thunderbolt flies.

art 0044 a bx
art 0033 bx

The great beast is engulphed in a cataclysm of lightning.

0042 typho thundered

Out of the fiery storm burst mountainous boulders.

art 0057 bx

Zeus is knocked backwards, flattened as

art 0011 b bx

the monstrous Typhon bellows boulder after boulder.

Hermes bursts out of his ovine masquerade and lets fly towards Zeus his sharp and powerful flint sickleart 0028 c bx

art 0028 d bx
art 0028 a bx

to spin through the air.

art 0028 e bx

Zeus slices through the stone, the boulders split and fall.

art 0051 a bx

Zeus stands to slice again.

art 0051 b bx

Burning eyes fire down upon him.

art 0054 a bx

Zeus falls in faint.

art 0054 b bx

Typhon looms above him; scooping him up in hundred league snake arms.

art 0047 bx

Then like wind of thunder, a hurricane of heat, he rises flies, blows fierce…

art 0066 bx

Gods and Goddesses look on in horror at Typhon disappearing across the sea.

art 0050 bx

High among the mountains, bellowing, Typhon stands.

art 0065 a bx

Zeus’ sickle in his hand he swings high to cut.

art 0065 e bx

Down the sickle sinks into wrists and spine.

sinews show

Zeus’ very sinews are exposed.

art 0065 d

A myriad swarm of snake limbs grapple as teethed maws snatch.

art 0065 c bx

His snake arms pull.

art 0065 b bx

The very sinews from inside Zeus’ limbs.

art 04 b bx

Deep into a cave he throws these strings.

art 04 d bx

Doll-like dead-limbed Zeus is laid in powerless torment.

art 04 c bx

As jelly laid in stony dark.

art 0063 bx

“I Delphyne sister-monster guards.” The voice it echoes out from cave to across the seas.

art 04 group bx

All Gods lay and wail in writhing pitiful despair.

art 0043 a bx

“The world is ending while you wail!”

art 0043 b bx

“This darkness will take us all, he will not rest at Heaven’s Father, the universe shall squirm.”

art 0034 b bx
art 0034 a bx

Hermes and Pan they clutch at each other and terrified towards the chariot they step.

art 0034 c bx

The dark cave below.

art 0056 bx

Great Goat God leaps; from chariot to deep within.

art 0059 b bx

Delphyne is waiting; serpent sister she has poisons ready see she writhes.

0059 pan screams head

He screams. Pan screams.

0059 pan scream stand

He screams his terrifying paralyzing scream. Pan’s panic scream.

art 0059 a bx

As poison drips from massive teeth Delphyne is catatonic gripped.

art 0019 b bx

This is the moment Hermes needs. He leaps.(Above to be replaced)

art 0019 a bx

And from the cave with Zeus to drag.

art 0026 a bx

The sinews gathered drape across the lifeless God.

art 0026 b bx

The chariot flies.

0062 rescued h home with z

“We have him,” Hermes cries, “Be ready, run, run gods hide.”

art 0026 c bx

Between them Athene strides.

art 0029 a bx

“Zeus must save us, sew him, thread him, string him, stitch!”

art 0029 g bx

The God of Heaven stands again; uncertain stands, at centre of his universe he stands.

art 0029 b bx b

He backwards falls.

0064 z empowered by a

Athene has lead his chariot behind him, and into this he falls.(Ade – import art 0029 b bx from PC)

art 0029 d bx

“See great Father God, you simply need to stand.”

art 0029 f bx

The Thunderbolt he suddenly clasps, the sickle once again; the glistening flint.

art 0029 e bx

He takes the reins.

art 0029 c bx

“Fly Father God, Great God, fly.”

art 03a bx

“My spirit flies with you,” cries Athene, “As I am all the Fates I fly to aid.”

art 03b bx

Upon the highest mountain amid enormous range it stands.

art 0021 b bx

The Fates attend him. Flying to him.

art 0055 a bx

He is besotted by three beauties bringing him rare treats.

art 0025 bx

“Behold our exotic fruits.” “With these we bolster you.” “Great strength we promise.”

art 0055 b bx

“Typhon we love you.”

art 06 a bx

The beast feasts. Now…

art 06 b bx

Typhon has a whole huge mountain in his arms.

art 0053 bx

A tiny chariot high in sky as monstrous mountain flies.

art 07 bx

The chariot tilts up and wide and fires a firebolt down.

art 0010 bx

The mountain bursts aside.

amf 01

A mountain flies

tcc 01

The chariot climbs.

ttb 01

The thunder bolts.

amf 02

A mountain flies

art 01b bx

The chariot climbs.

(this may move)

ttb 02

The thunder bolts.

amf 03

A mountain flies

acc 03

The chariot climbs.

ttb 03

The thunder bolts.

art 0017 bx

Mountain after raging mountain, Typhon is unstoppable.

art 0030 a bx

The final summit is his to wield now – Vesuvius.

art 0030 b bx

The great Vesuvius, yes, this beast is monstrous strong.

art 0021 b bx

The fates look on as he only just can throw this thing.

art 0021 a bx

“We loved you,” whisper Fates from far cave, “we loved you and we strengthened you, but only for a short time. See you falter, weaken now.”

Zeus is higher now than even the stars. And flying down 0013 a bx

art 0013 b bx

Gigantic Vesuvius is hurtling right at him.

art 0010 bx

“Let Heaven and Sky and Fate empower me!”

art 0016 bx
0076 bash v back ves falls 01

Fire thunderbolt, thunderbolt on thunderbolt on thunderbolt. All God’s energy is spent on this last mighty blast.Vesuvius repelled it falls.

0076 bash v back ves falls 02

Down with such increasing speed.

art 0049 b bx
art 0049 a bx

It hits the beast. Down

art 0061 bx

Down still through the earth it crushes down.

art 0064 c bx

Typhon’s fiery rage it burns and builds and climbs. See the fire near as Typhon strives.

art 0064 d bx

The very Vesuvius it burns because of him.

art 0064 c bx flip

Very nearly he is out, he fights it still, see mountain rage.

art 0064 b bx

Vesuvius volcano is his rage, and Typhon he may yet one day succeed.

art 0064 a bx

Listen, hear his bellowing.

the header greek

I have done a great deal of research in the build up to turning this very strange and ancient tale into a graphic novel so that it is all based on history, (unless it was the morphine). Some of the research work helped me create the individual features linked to below:


Hermese the Babe

The Great Goat-God Pan

The Three Fates

Doom of Zeus – the Making of

Creation Recording


Yes this is what I have been busy with over the past several weeks while in and out of hospital and beginning my long recuperation by the sea.

I came up with the idea of developing a graphic novel around a Greek myth earlier in the year and an independent publisher is now on board with an interest in hybrid publishing (that’s when you publish online and with a major distributor too).

It has been a dream for many years to do something with the quirky and strange Typhon and the terrible Zeus; their battle suited my online graphic novels perfectly.

We are probably hundreds of hours from the ‘for sale’ version, but I shall update here as pieces and text boxes are completed.

Please do share with friends as we will be asking for help shifting the finished product later in the year.

PS the first graphic novel from Viking Comics Inc. The Hammer Flies is almost ready for release as a slide show presentation – my first movie!

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