Maskerade Art in Memory of the Late Wonderful Terry Pratchett

Maskerade Art in Memory of the Late Wonderful Terry Pratchett

We are in performance of Maskerade at the Black Swan Inn, Peaseholme Green, York, UK the evenings of 26th, 27th, 28th February 2018

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Geebo, Mrs Plinge, Man with Specs, Tommy Cripps, Nanny Ogg, Agnes Nitt, Man with a Death Wish, Corporal Nobbs, Kitchen Woman, Mr Seldom Bucket, Coachman, Enrico Basilica, Kevin,  Mr Pounder, Woman with Chocs, Dancer, Dr Underschaft, Thieves, Walter Plinge, Andre, Manager, Christine, Colette, Granny Weatherwax, Sergeant Detritus, Arno, The Grim Squeaker: Got spot who is who…

me theif
witche k
ratcatcher (2)
possibly michael
specs death wish
phantom (2)
sqeak (2)
thief girl (2)
tommy 01 (2)
perdita 02 (2)
perdita 01 (2)
pal of perdita (2)
mrs plinge 02
him thief
woman off
mop 02
long coat man (2)
long coat (2)
junior thief
junior fag (2)
james i think (2)
guards (2)
fat thief
big man
et er (2)
dancers (2)
coachman (2)
chocs (2)
ben (2)

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