OldMan Comics Inc #22

OldMan Comics Inc #22

viking comics inc tab.jpg
poetics tab.jpg
rants tab.jpg
chat tab.jpg
spooky tab.jpg
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try me
its wow
deep text
shoot title
shoot 01
always title
always 01
always 02
sometimes title
sometimes 01
sometimes 03
gig title
gig 01
sometimes 04
gig 02
live here title
live here 01
graphic 01
graphic 02
graphic 03
graphic end
frack title
frack 01
18 retorical title
18 retorical
forget title
forget 01.jpg
forget 02
last forget
so title
033 01
heard title
heard 01
heard 02
heard 03
platform title
platform 01
platform 02
overheard title
dakota 01
dakota 02
dakota 03
dakota 04
dakota 05
dakota 06

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OldMan Comics #22



6 thoughts on “OldMan Comics Inc #22

  1. Julie Speedie

    Hi Ade,

    Many thanks for all your lovely drawings and quirky observations , and your prose poems in the instalments of the not-quite-Daily Deity – they’ve certainly helped to keep me going through a rather difficult time. Love the overheard “This is the right platform. But we have to wait till the train’s here before we can get on” – a sentiment worthy of Private Eye’s Commentatorballs, methinks.

    A friend of my mother’s has recalled that there was nothing my mother loved more than a jolly good argument. I can imagine my mother’s first encounter with Death – although I think it would be more accurate to call it Death’s first encounter with her. To eavesdrop in the middle of the conversation:


    Mother [following Death’s having said something that’s not quite logical]: “That doesn’t make sense. It can’t be this and that at the same time, it can only be one or the other”.


    “Proven, not prooven”.


    Mother [who has, unbeknownst to Death, been surrrptitiously counting the number of times he’s said YOU KNOW]: “You know, you know, you know…”

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Ankh-Morpork Opera Tuesday-after-next evening,


    Julie xxx



  2. adrianspendlowblog.com

    aw thank you. its weird to think it is weeks of thinking of stuff, minutes of drawing and then two days of hard work just for one edition. i am glad it is that quirky moment of drawing it that captures you. ta x


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