Along-a-ways    –     (after the words of Peggy Seager)

I walk along the path trying to see my way ahead but lost in the joy of the way and the depth of the thought, the doubts and trials; and pains of the past hover over me – as I walk, everything suddenly becomes as clear as the sun upon the fern. The god-like sun upon the fern. The fern grows, the sun shines and we see. If only we could all-time be in that sometimes way of being when we really see. The sun is upon the fern. Let dew glisten this day. For I have written, oh such things, in these moments, and now, all these years later, I struggle on to find; the path, the light, the belief, the fern, the time. Many are the glimpses I have shared and sang. There was another one. There just ahead a gleam of gold. A happening of circumstance synchronises with Jungian power to transcend and I take hold of this moment. This glimpse and I present. I present. See this is the path. Another. There another. Then I walk some further to this place. I am here. I am searching for god-like ferns to share for you all. I have found this recollection and this hope. Another time as I walk, I shall write, I shall see, I shall be, I shall share. Fern! Fern! See I walk. See I hope. Shall I find something beautiful to share as I go?

                                                Adrian Spendlow




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