Support the Lions – my Christmas effort


Support the Lions – my Christmas effort

The great work the Lions do is something I have to tell you about. It is my Christmas effort, and it is a great story. There will be a donation link, be warned.

Right now.

I had cancer.

I needed driving. A ‘Lion’ drove me. Each day I would be picked up and taken to my treatment sessions. Each day I would chat with the driver if I could. I was pretty ill. Sometimes I just looked out of the window.

One day I asked him what else he did and he spent the journey telling me the amazing experience which is the Lions.

If you read on you may sob.

I thought there was just the York Lions, no, there are Lions everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They pay to join and that covers admin, so every penny you ever give goes to help others.

They do three things; local care, international care and international rescue.

Now I am no expert, I am a storyteller. It has been said that I mine people for their stories. So I am telling the story of my journey and what I heard from the driver. I am telling you what I remembered said.

You are getting the whole thing, so do hang on for the bit about the fish (if you want your guts wrenching and your cheeks irrigated).

You might have seen Santa in the streets with cheesy pop and a sleigh; that is one aspect of the Lions fund raising.santa2016 gillingham

As for the local care, I was told that they get letters. A neighbour has visited a frail old lady who she discovers is no longer able to use her hob top because a saucepan fell off a high shelf and smashed the glass surface. My driver tells me how he popped round personally (by arrangement) and assessed the situation. He went out to a local supply shop and paid for and arranged the fitting of a replacement.

Beverley Lions. I said they were international. If you go in the stunning Beverley Minster around Christmas time you will see a donation bucket at the foot of a Christmas tree which is covered in lions. Those lions have been hand-knitted by the lady who got the new hob top for her cooker. Every child helped in the Beverley area gets given one of her lions.

A letter came in; Can you help the lady across the street from me? It turns out, this lady is on her own with two autistic children and they haven’t been away in a long time. Beverley Lions arranged them a holiday.

B.L. thought it only right to inform Scarborough Lions about their impending visitors. S.L. met them off the train, arranged all their transport, paid for all their activities.


Did I mention international care? Each nation has a responsible task; bedding, tents, heat, lighting, you name it. In Britain the Lions raise money for water purifiers. Put anything in, water comes out the tap. Twenty litre containers with a long renewable life which can take the foulest dredges and give the gift of pure clear water.

I think I promised to talk of international rescue. Lions are everywhere. If there is a town or a community in any place anywhere there is someone there seeking to set up a Lions. They truly are international.

If there is a catastrophe the local Lions have been trained and equipped and they go out of their work and go to the spot; that could be Beverley, Green Bay, Guatemala. They are there, and they are there first.

My driver tells me that they get there and do things. They shun the media, he tells me you will hear of the Red Cross, of international government aid, of many organisations. The Lions were in there unnoticed doing what was needed.

Do you remember, or have heard of the Tsunami? That huge wave which destroyed lives, communities, nations as it swept across a huge area of the world, it wiped out several clubs of Lions who were in its course.

Lions from around the world contacted Lions in the nearest vicinity. “What do you need? The answer was replied to and responded to. £30.000 was sent to ever local area which had survived. It was received within 24 hours. Each group had enough to buy a fishing boat. They went out fishing.

Those Lions were busy for weeks, because the next morning they turned up at a devastated island and said here’s a load of fish.

They kept fishing as long as people needed help.

Follow the link to Lions International to make a donation or join up. Your area and the world need you.



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