Ten Albums Which Have Influenced Me

Thank you to David McVeighty, but I am a cheat. I have put them all on my blog instead of on Facebook. I am supposed to put one a day, I have put them all in at once. I am not supposed to say anything about them, try and stop me. I don’t think I am supposed to put tracks either, but I have at the bottom of the blog. I am supposed to nominate a person a day, ‘Hey you lot, tell me about your albums’.

This album got me into Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs


The Lonesome Jubilee album by John Mellencamp


The above LP goes for $75 nowadays. I had it on cassette. I played it that much that the tape snapped. I went out and bought it again. this happened three times. Of course his first album he was told was jn the charts and he looked at the chart list and thought, there is another guy with the same album title as me. Turns out the record company had changed his name. they changed it to Johnny Couga. So for ages he called himself John Couga Mellencamp till people got used to his real name.

Next is Paul McCartney’s New. Better than the Beatles.


Fun Boy Three by, you guessed it, Fun Boy Three

(I am still a big Terry Hall fan.)


The above album has been rereleased with several bonus tracks, including the amazing Summertime.

Harry Nilsson Nilsson Schmilsson

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson

John Prine passed away recently from the Coronavirus.

One of his albums I love is Bruised Orange


I got very excited when the Beatles White Album arrived mail-order from Gratton’s Catologue. It was the first album I ever bought. I pulled the LPs out and looked at them. then I heard noises in the street. My pals were passing to skate down the hill. I pushed the LPs back in the inners and didn’t turn them sideways. I ran out and shouted down the hill about what I had, both LPs flew out of the covers and rolled down the hill with me chasing them.

We used to sit in my attic room and listen to Revolution 9 over and over, searching for the deep meanings.


Not a lot to see there, so moving along…

I wondered about picking My People Were Fair and Had Sky in their Hair but Now are Content to Wear Stars on their Brows just for the title. The one that I recall the most though is Slider.


Pick any album from Cyndi Lauper really, but loved this one, especially the track below.


Robbie Williams – In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010


Dear Heather by Leonard Cohen. I learnt to meditate after listening to this.


OOOOOO that sax

And now a video from each album…

(I don’t think Harry wrote the above track.)