My Mum Connie 93 – Her Stories and Poems part two

My Mum Connie 93 – Her Stories and Poems part two.

Well done to my niece Bethany for filming and sending these (and for giggling in the background). It is especially great for me to hear these as I am so far away from home. It makes me feel like I am back there in Scarborough in Yorkshire, England listening to her wonderful wit.

You will all really enjoy these I am sure, so be sure to add comments below and share wherever you can. Then I can ring her and tell her she is an internet star.

A link to her book and to the first part of the series are below.


PS The cover photo is three generations of women. My elder sister on her great grandmother’s knee and at the back my mum with her mum.

My Mum Connie 93 – her poems and songs

Her book Navy Blue Knickers

Quay Street, Scarborough