The Engravings Upon the Blade

When Othere took possession of his father’s sword he knew he held an oath. This finely engraved gift was his pledge to die for his father. By this very sword had Othere Ingulfrsson been allowed to accept the battle-surviving promise of his great father, and so it was that he would take the treasured weapon by the hilt and travel upon its chosen path.

If he did well in battle, as it was sure that he would, he would be in his father’s stead and ensure his name and fame and place beyond. If he were to fall in conflict it would be a step his father could travel along with.  – If he were to maintain his stance his father’s heart could share and hold this fame. Either way Othere would return, as it was stated upon the blade.

A great ship depicted upon the blade was followed in a line of horses along the land to the shore, and so the ship would sail towards the point, towards the sinking of the sun, the journey across the sky, through each day.

With the strength of his sword arm and the purity of the blade he turned the fine edge – there riding below waves back along the blade was the returning ship carried by huge fish, the great snake and diving birds.

So it was that, having journeyed deep below the sea, the golden sun would rise again to rebegin. So it was that he was promised a return each day.

Either he would live and rise out of the dark to fight again; to gather riches and renown, to revisit home. Or he would see his essence rise and fly into the forever, taking Ingulfr his father with him to be greeted for his fame.

Either way the sword promise showed him in its fine lines that he would return home. The great lurs would play and announce his return – blade by his side in the perpetual play of father son destiny, fame springing forward through offspring after offspring.

Just as the rising of the sun, the returning of the vessel, the lifting to the light – This sword has forever as its gift.




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