Living in America Five – Now here is a challenge for you.

Living in America Five – Now here is a challenge for you. It is your turn to send pictures. You all know I have been doing a series of picture blogs of my time in America; unusual things I have spotted that sort of thing. Well, I want you to shape the next blog.

For those who haven’t seen the blogs there are links below, (and the rest of you might enjoy another look too), I seem to make fun of everything, but mainly I make fun of my own exaggerated ignorance and funny way of seeing the world.

Send me interesting pictures from throughout the Americas. Let me know what you think about them, and the blog series will go wide open.

This time it is you!

Private message me on Facebook or email me

(Keep it family friendly and quirky.)

Captions and stories make the thing.

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Living in America

Living in American two

Living in America three

Living in Americas Four

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