When grazing birds fly

When grazing birds fly

As I write I feel as if I am making this all up, for there in our patch we call the wild garden stand the tall decorative grasses which are now filled with dried seeds. Sparrows, or spuggies as my fellow Yorkshire-folk might call them, land in what appear to be their zillions. Each one lands upon the lawn below one of the tall grass stems. It then flies straight up to grasp the head of grass which is full of seeds. The weight of the little sparrow causes the grass to bend into a loop so the sparrow is practically upside down, clinging on and eating. When the sparrow is done it raises it wings and lets go. The grass springs back to its tall position and this is enough to catapult the sparrow into a rising loop. The little bird uses its wings to slow its descent, almost like a humming bird, or a base jumper. The impression to me as I view through the bedroom window is that it is on an invisible big dipper. Then there is the landing. The other main feature of the wild area currently is a great load of the beautiful Golden Rod. It too is full of seeds causing them to bend. They form an intertwined hanging bed. The bounding sparrow then lands upon this golden bed and bounces, up and down, up and down quite a few times, as if upon a trampoline. Look there goes another one.  

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