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Hello professor, –       “I’m excited to work on this because Adrian is such a good story teller and it shows well in his writings which is hard for some people to transition from oral to written but he does it very well and that makes it much easier.”       – Derek Phelps

I received that lovely compliment while working on an online project for University Wisconsin Green Bay covering the history of the British steam days.

And Sylvia said recently that I deserve a far greater coverage. So do please like, comment, share, click ads, pass on word of my work.

What is my work?

All over the world people are discovering the many aspects of my writing and lifestyle, particularly through performances.

As an internationally known storyteller, poet, skald and blogger it is hard to pin me down just enjoy the unique diversity.

It is the same with my blog.

I recently blogged on publishing audio and printed matter, in a self-discovery way. It is very popular with writers, storytellers and songwriters. Go

There is a free tutorial on how to be a storyteller, a several blog guidebook for you. Go

How to bring character to your re-enactment work for all of you who are into Living History. This one gets shared all over. Go

My series of prose poems on the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Go

Norse Gods and Goddesses. Go

During lockdown ironically my travelogues have gotten more popular; the Living in America series in particular. This is interesting cos I aren’t going far! Give it a try. Go

Hundreds of stories recorded and filmed (Go browse).

There is also the comic books, poetry, reminiscence or history.

I like to search for adrian spendlow blog (add topic) and see what comes up.

The other thing I ask is that you contribute.  

Big news is the Shop – It is just opened with new products being recorded and published almost as we speak. Go Shop.

Bigger news; it now covers Familial a whole section on the amazing projects of loved ones. Go Shop More

And then there is the art. I am no artist, and people are loving it. Banging things out to illustrate a point and give a sense of bearing often with a request to have it replaced by others and people are saying no, leave your art in there we like it.

Making the terrifying hilarious” “Cute yet gave me the shivers” That’s the sort of things they are saying.

I suppose you might say I am the most online published artist in the world with well over a thousand pieces posted in the last couple of years.

adrianspendlow at gmail.com

PS Sorry I am not a gif, so decide you have time to read.

Please share, reblog, follow, comment and belong.

Perhaps you would like to do a review of adrianspendlowblog.com ? I would be happy to publish such… Whatever you said!

2 thoughts on “About adrianspendlowblog.com

  1. Hi there Adrian,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. I hope that you get as much pleasure from it as I do,
    Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂



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