About Adrian Spendlow

I’ve been working on a project with history students (online) from University Wisconsin Green Bay covering the history of the British steam days and I received this lovely compliment…

Hello professor,
I’m excited to work on this because Adrian is such a good story teller and it shows well in his writings which is hard for some people to transition from oral to written but he does it very well and that makes it much easier.

-Derek Phelps

More from me.

Crikey, I never expected this going viral milarky, and all over the world too. People are discovering the many aspects of my writing and my life.

Poetry seems to go the best, followed by my storytelling experiences and the online graphic novels coming in close behind.

And then there is the art. I am no artist, and people are loving it. Banging things out to illustrate a point and give a sense of bearing often with a request to have it replaced by others and people are saying no, leave your art in there we like it.

“Making the terrifying hilarious” “Cute yet gave me the shivers” That’s the sort of things they are saying.

I suppose you might say I am the most online published artist in the world with over a thousand pieces posted in the last year.

adrianspendlow at gmail.com

PS Sorry I am not a gif, so decide you have time to read.

My latest discovery is recording at home and getting stories up there to listen to among the text.

Never expect it to be the same. Storyteller, poet and now blogger; be prepared for the eclectic, from grumbles to poetry, from recordings of myth to travelogues of my Viking life, from online comic books to performance news. There are even recipes.

I write for performance all the time, usually drawing upon traditional pieces. history and folk-lore to create a new way of seeing things, often in an ‘it happened to me’ type way.

There are usually images to accompany each blog, these are often my ‘scribbles’ added to help the story along and for fun; In the case of Viking Comics Inc. there is artwork from across the globe as I collaborate with artists from a wide range of styles.

Please share, reblog, follow, comment and belong.

Artists please look at my Graphic Novels, join the fold of artists from around the world on these exciting adventures. The Hammer Flies

Guest bloggers – always welcome. Send me suggestions. Perhaps you would like to do a review of adrianspendlowblog.com ? I would be happy to publish such – – whatever you said!

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One thought on “About Adrian Spendlow

  1. Hi there Adrian,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. I hope that you get as much pleasure from it as I do,
    Looking forward to seeing more from you πŸ™‚



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