Bit Sketchy

Just a random selection of character sketches what I wizzed off

edith sitwell 01 (2)
Edith Sitwell


witch 2


pointy man 02

skyline me (2)





pointy man 01


mop top hat (2)

chocs 02

hairy manwitch flyshaver

random dancer


simple man

director 02

dancer (2)

director 01

Call of the Sea

I thought I would have a go at a few Quentin Blake-esque pieces. Here’s one. I thought it best done in a hurry

call of the sea

Four For The Sea – Adrian At Art Class

Four For The Sea – Adrian At Art Class

All excited about getting along to these new arts classes – Art and Afternoon Tea, The Coffee Beans Cafe, Scarborough – I dreamed up the idea of four pictures that become one.

I had been looking at models of rows of cottage smade out of blocks of wood in arty shops. I decided to walk and think. The way to the Coffee Beans is along North Bay, so my windy walk showe dme the castle upon th ecliffs, the high rows of holiday buildingd and a woild sea.

I also watche dwith joy at the way a seagul holds it’s winds when landing, especially in an updrafting breeze.

I had planned to ask to work in pencil and watercolour then suddenly came up with the idea of separate pictures onth epne page, positioned in such a way that the viewer has to fill inthe gaps; let you do some of th ework for  achange.

Four images of the sea – oh and a cloud.sea four propsea four wharfesea four housessea four castlesea four.jpgArt and Afternoon Tea is just that. It promotes well-being and supplies material while being willing to work with different ways of experiementing all around the table. One can book in week by week too without having to commit to a full season.

I would say that Sarah’s classes in the Coffee Beans in Scarborough, North Yorkshire is worth travelling to but that would be without the afternoon tea. Include that and you have to come! At £9 per session just supplying materials would be marvellous, but a coffee, a cream tea, sandwiches and a cake make it a miracle in a pinny.

The taster session is only a fiver!

Not only that it is set on this bistro cafe where the food is second to none in the area. Go for a meal or a cake and ask about these sessions while you are there.

(Mine’s a merlot)sea fourrough sea plansAnd a link to the Seahouses images

Plus my very first arts classes

history-tabviking-life-taboldman-tabviking comics inc tab.jpgpoetics tab.jpgrants tab.jpgchat tab.jpgspooky tab.jpggby-tabnewsnext








Seeing Seahouses – A Holiday Album in Watercolours

Seeing Seahouses – A Holiday Album in Watercolours

I was inspired to experiment with watercolour landcapes

Seahouses Sea Stream

Seahouses Sea StreamSeahouses Cliff Walk

Seahouses Cliff WalkSeahouses SeaweedSeahouses SeaweedFarne Island CloudsFarne Island CloudsA North Bay ImaginedA North Bay

history-tabviking-life-taboldman-tabviking comics inc tab.jpgpoetics tab.jpgrants tab.jpgchat tab.jpgspooky tab.jpggby-tabnewsnext

Art Class Autobiography in Pictures

history-tabviking-life-taboldman-tabviking comics inc tab.jpgpoetics tab.jpgrants tab.jpgchat tab.jpgspooky tab.jpggby-tabnewsnext

Art Class Autobiography in Pictures. Images only, no dialogue, lets see how I progress. Hopefully you own inner dialogue will allow you to learn as you go along too.

Well, alright, I will add a bit of dialogue. Now that I am updating it.

We moved on to studying David Hockney.hockney tree.jpg

That one is a direct copy of a small part of a larger piece of his, or to put it simply; forgery. 😉


Ten times clockwork and ten withershinsquick faces.jpg

Class neighbour in twenty seconds.misty wood.jpg

I wanted to work on having a foreground. And with light. Hockney isn’t perhaps the best person to learn light from. But I managed to come up with; Misty Wood.horses neck.jpg

Horses neck.wolds-road

The next challenge to choose a piece of his to copy. I went for this (I call mine Wold’s Road) as I felt I knew that road and wanted to travel it again. (The completed version is below.) His was a practice version, and above is my half way stage one. wolds road done.jpg

As you can see above, I carried on, in the hope I could make you wish to travel to my home country.

(I think one or two of my trees are better than his) 😉upside down face.jpg

It was upside down and revealed a little at a time.cats.jpg

The tutor likes my scribbles the best and says I should develop those.

handbag.jpghockneyesque landscape 01.jpg

We were asked to do a Hockneyesque landscape. space.jpgglobe-linesglobe shading.jpgapple up.jpgapple-sideapple-freehand

I entitle the piece below Jesu Stands with Maidensjesu stands with maidens lightened.jpg

I was asked to mix what I had learnt with my own style. We didn’t have long, so I slapped it on a bit. I was told it was good but that I had a lot to learn about water colours. I should have started with light and built up as it dries. It was suggested that I rescue it with ink.

Footnote; I wanted a heavy foreground to lead the way to the central focus whilst retaining the aspect I see in his work of wanting you to wish to travel further.

The scene is from my imagination but is based on memories of the tin mine where Jesus is said to have stood and the Nine Maidens; the stones which have moved me more than any other.


Second attempt.dollsQuick still life at the end of a class.