Guy Fawkes – A History

Gosh! Gramey of GSmithMedia has just told me that it has cost £200 to set up the site that supplies this download for us. I better get on with promoting it!


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Trial Introduction for our forthcoming Greek Myth download

Trial Introduction for our forthcoming Greek Myth download

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I promise, when you listen to our recording as a whole you will be inspired and empowered, but


Here for now, is the terrible truth of the Ancient image of humanity…

(sound track below)

Within the bleak dark of hopelessness you may find the strength to become a hero. Once, Twice, Thrice you must rise above the world-ending curse of Zeus’ rage, for here only is your chance; will you again raise above the natural pre-ordained order of total despair which is the lot of the mortal to become ever-remembered, ever-vibrant through your inspiring deeds or will you too be stretched from the sky for your audacity to care. When the very sinuous are ripped from you there will be just your true heart-felt determination remaining, and the sound of the Goat God Pan’s freezing scream – will you rise again and yet again, or shall you twitter near-dead forever like a lost bird searching for the drip of the blood of another’s suffering to echo down your parched hopeless throat. I ask only once more; could you be a hero?

See there is hope

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