Mini Blog

Mini Blog

I have had a great night out, but I think we may be trapped inside a game of cards against humanity

I was thrilled with the level of responses to my Facebook post ‘What, no milk’ as it was only aimed at a certain few I thought would understand it.

My taking over the world target which only needs one person in Greenland to read my blog and I will have three quarters of the world covered might end up that just the small part that is habitable will be highlighted on my views map. Not the same thing at all.

I have found out I need a coloured tail.

When I get booked for a festival it turns out there are a whole team of us going!

Minor events are better than bigger ones.

Jacobs Well is supposed to be a holy building but the name is a joke title from when it was a pub – ie beer will give you eternal youth.

None of us are perfect and sometimes we embarrass ourselves.

None of us are perfect and we need to be nice to others and not too reliant.

On a different tack; people who might be diagnosed as autistic would rather not be on a spectrum actually, it is far too woolly and about rainbows. I lie not.

Mental health issues are managed by pub staff in a tolerant practical way.

I should sew more.

The girl who died at the Columbine massacres painted the same number of tears in her painting on the morning of her death as the number of people who died.

People are capable of so so much and have so many skills.

I learned what biscuits and gravy are and it is not gravy.

As in teacakes are not teacakes and high tea is not high tea. So much depends on where you are.

Sop is a stomach churning topic to some.

Beer in the house of trembling madness is all strong (4.5 to 41 per cent.

I am in a Viking theatre group and the members will die (except one).

I am living history and the best storyteller ever seen.

Share this with Greenland for godsakes.

Oh yes and Filey Dragon Festival had better watch out.